What Is Web Development?

Technology plays a vital part in the life of humans. People start to live with the technologies to meet their day-to-day needs and tasks efficiently. There is a big room for great inventions, and thus much new advancement introduces into the market frequently. 

Internet is the biggest asset for everyone in the world. It helps people to do many tasks without losing their convenience and taking a single step out of their space. Web developers develop the web pages and software you access daily. But, the web development meaning is still unclear to many people. Read out the blog to learn in-depth about web development. 

Introduction To Web Development 

Web development refers to the tasks associated with developing, building, and maintaining web applications and websites that run online on the browser. It is also referred to as website development. But, it includes web design, database management, and web programming. 

Web development is related to designing the features and functionality of apps. Many essential tools and programs are used to develop the website. The experienced and skilled web developers will construct the sites from scratch by writing the code. 

Developers develop web applications and pages for the Intranet, the Internet, or a private network in the web development process. It does not unnecessarily focus on the website’s design because it focuses more on programming and coding. 

Popular Web Development Technologies 

It is mandatory to understand and have in-depth knowledge of the technologies accessed in web development. Here are the standard web development technologies which every web developer should learn to deal with.

  • HTML
  • API
  • Libraries
  • Servers
  • Clients
  • Front-end/back-end development
  • Data formats
  • Protocols
  • Programming languages
  • Browsers
  • CSS

Major Web Development Platforms

The website is a necessary asset for businesses to survive and succeed in the digitalization era regardless of its size. Making a reliable website and reaching out to the crowd with the help of online methods is essential. Nowadays, people build their web pages to share their experiences and information with others. Some of the popular website development platforms are listed here.

Every platform has specific features, benefits, and drawbacks, so you have to look around and find the best platform to develop your website. It helps you to design the website and meets your needs adequately.

Web Development Frameworks

Developers create web development frameworks to make it easier to develop and work with different programming languages. The frameworks remove all the problematic and redundant tasks involved in setting up the web page. 

The frameworks majorly do the tasks themselves or make it much easier for the developers to complete the specific tasks. Know about the popularly accessed web development frameworks. 

  • Ionic 
  • WordPress
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • .NET
  • Drupal
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular.js
  • PhoneGap

Standard Web Development Languages 

Programming languages are essential for web development because it helps to communicate with other computers/systems and render necessary instructions. Developers have viable options to choose from to do the same. But, a few of the widely used programming languages are listed here.

  • Swift
  • PHP
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Python
  • Objective C
  • CoffeeScript
  • JavaScript

What Are The Layers Of Web Development?

The web development process is broadly divided into front–end web development, full-stack web development, and back-end web development. Having enough understanding of these layers is essential to develop the website correctly. Compromising on any of these aspects will not provide the expected result. 

  • Frontend Web Development 

The frontend web development assists convert information and available data into the graphical user interface with the help of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It helps the users to interact with the provided interface. Usually, it deals with the website’s part that users will see and comprehend easily. For instance, users will see and interact with the website’s frontend on the browser. 

It means they can view and experience the items such as images, buttons, colors, and others directly. The front-end web developer is responsible for giving such an excellent experience for the users. From look to navigation, everything concerns the frontend web development. 

  • Backend Web Development 

The web page’s back-end is the portion that users cannot see. But, it is the backbone of any web application or website. As long as the back-end is robust, the user will best experience when using the frontend. 

Although the back-end part is not visible for the users, it is highly responsible for the website’s functioning. It lets the web developers store and organizes the data. In addition, it makes sure the proper working and functioning of the website. In short, it concerns more about the things accessible in the front end.

With the help of sending and receiving data, the back-end portion interacts with the front of the web page. For example, whenever the user enters specific data, purchases something, or fills out the form, the browser immediately sends that request to the back-end. Then, the server-side sends the data as the frontend code for the website to interpret, comprehend and make it visible to the users.

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  • Full-Stack Web Development

Full-stack development is nothing but the combination of the web page’s frontend and backend development. It incorporates developing the design and graphics of the web page and managing the database for storage and organization. 

The advent of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning significantly improves web development. It gives the best experience for the users and brings tons of job opportunities. 

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