5 Impressive Lobby Signs That Will Elevate Any Charlotte Business! 

Almost all business owners want to keep their business stand out from the crowd. But, only a few achieve it quickly and efficiently because they know exactly what to do. 

The use of Corporate Business Signs is one of the ultimate ways to differentiate your brand. In addition, it gives the best brand impression for your guests and visitors. 

Even though companies use different signs to improve their branding and sales, it is mandatory to use the lobby signs. It plays a prominent role in developing the visual appeal to the brand and space. 

It is considered the best asset for business owners because it helps them decorate their space with a memorable impression. 

Lobby signs by Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays are diverse, and thus, accessing the right one is essential to drive more sales and leads.

Scroll down the page to learn about the top 5 Lobby Signs that significantly improve your business!

What are the five lobby signs that help business growth?

Business signs play a vital role in defining the brand name and customer experience. It is especially true in the case of the lobby signs. It helps develop a positive image for the brand and makes it visible to people who walk in. Here are the top choices of lobby signs.

  • Dimensional letters

The Dimensional Signage is extremely important to use in any business. The 3D dimensional letters are made from laser-cut acrylic material. 

It is often made to match your business logo by accessing the same colors and font style. So, it becomes the ideal choice for lobby signage. The customers will identify your business irrespective of the angle they view your sign.

It means you do not worry about reaching your prospects anymore. The dimensional letters will improve your brand visibility.

  • Panel signs

It is another well-known lobby sign made from long list materials such as foam, metal, and acrylic. You can shape the sign into any form as per your needs. 

If your company has a circular logo, it indicates your logo’s replica. It also renders the correct information to the customers. 

You must engage with a sign company that incorporates knowledgeable and innovative sign experts. They will develop any shape and give soul to your imagination.

  • Backlit lobby signs

Illuminated signs assist businesses in developing long-lasting impressions. Since the sign is eye-catching and hard to ignore, you should install it in your lobby or reception area.

It is made with metal or dimensional lobby signs. But, the significant difference is the use of LED bulbs at the back of the sign. Install the sign away from the wall to develop an attractive glow around every character or letter. 

  • Wall wraps

Another attractive lobby signage is the wall wraps and graphics. It is the perfect alternative to wall paint, which costs more money and time. By installing the wall wraps, you can improve your interior significantly and save money.

It catches the customers’ attention and knows in-depth about your brand. It allows them to decide whether to buy a specific product or service. 

Even though the purpose of the wall wraps is to make the environment soothing and attractive, it is the best solution for advertising the business and enhancing sales.

  • Metal lobby signs

The metal signs make your lobby stand out because they are made from stainless steel and aluminum materials. It helps to create a bold statement.

Since it is easier to customize, you can choose various finishes and colors for the impressive design. It also takes your lobby signs to the next level.

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Get access to professional lobby signs today!

If you want to enhance the positive customer experience and branding in your business space, the use of the memorable lobby sign is unavoidable. 

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