Welligent EHR vs NextGen Meditouch EHR

About Welligent EHR

Welligent Behavioral EHR Program is a cloud-based Health IT solution for substance abuse treatment suppliers, mental health centers, and other community-based behavioral institutes that is ONC-ATCB certified. Care plans, e-prescribing, scheduling, and other characteristics are among the most important features. The software offers a single system for managing clinical programs, service delivery, customers, and billing. Users can get full access to the practice data at any time of day using Welligent EHR. Third-party payers, such as Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, and local and state payers can also be billed. Furthermore, the software is adaptable, with clinical programs, intake screens, and progress notes that can be customized to meet the needs of each practice. To know more about Welligent Lausd, you can go through Welligent reviews. 

Top Welligent EHR Features

Client Portal

Your customers can access their private health information from anywhere using Welligent Connect, the company’s user-friendly patient portal. They can post or wrap up documents such as new patient forms, schedule and cancel consultations, pay invoices, demand refills, communicate with your company, view test results, and more. Client engagement is improved by using the Wellgent EHR Patient Portal. Better health outcomes are more likely when clients are more engaged and invested. It also aids in the secure transmission of information. Secure data exchange cuts down on time spent on routine inquiries. The Welligent EHR patient portal is your one-stop shop for reviewing client data and collaborating with your clinical team.

Client Engagement Services

Whether you use an EHR or not, the Welligent Client Engagement Toolkit is crafted to meet the changing necessities of behavioral health and human services suppliers. The demand for interaction, collaboration, and customer engagement has never been greater, but finding and instituting the right services can be difficult. Boost customer engagement with your medical team by allowing them to participate in their own health. Whether you already have an EHR in place or not, Welligent’s knowledgeable assets can get you up and running swiftly and effectively. Raise the bar for mass communication. Communicate with all of your agency’s employees, all stakeholders in a single program, or all of the clients who are receiving a particular service.

Telehealth solutions

Behavioral healthcare providers are looking for affordable and reliable telehealth systems more than ever to help them serve their patients more cost-effectively. Behavioral health organizations and their customers need services that guarantee continuous operation while maintaining the security and safety of all groups, whether to meet existing social distancing rules or expand consumer expectations. 

Welligent Telehealth will quickly modernize your service delivery and position your organization and staff for the future, whether you are currently using Welligent, some other EHR platform, or a paper-based practice. Individuals and groups can use Welligent Telehealth’s click-and-meet technology, which is embedded straight into clinical notes. For unscheduled events, you can also begin a Video Call on the go.

Face-to-face meetings, screen sharing, and digital signature capture are all possible with desktops, MacBooks, tablets, and smartphones.

About NextGen Meditouch EHR

NextGen Office (previously known as Meditouch) is a cloud-based EHR and medical billing software that is fully integrated. NextGen Meditouch was created by doctors to help you run your practice more efficiently. Meditech Nextgen grew out of a company established in 1998 by health experts with one objective in mind in mind: to improve the efficiency of medical offices. The company’s founders created a solution to support doctor and staff tasks with simple, low-cost technology that adjusts to the provider’s procedure and is available from anywhere. More than 124,000 healthcare professionals in the United States now use NextGen Healthcare’s solutions.

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Top features of Nextgen EHR

Faster Charting

The iPad EHR from NextGen Office was created so that you can chart the run from anywhere with an internet connection. Unlike the majority of nextgen rivals, NextGen Office is iPad-only. This allows you to use the full system without restrictions directly in your iPad browser, without the need for apps or installation. The gold standard of EHRs is charting at the point of care. You can chat in your own comfort, be it your home or in the exam room, using a mobile tablet like the iPad. 

Never be concerned about a large computer screen blocking your view of your patient, and have all charting completed before the client leaves the exam room. Best of all, when it’s time to sit at your desk, you can use NextGen Office on any computer, whether it’s a PC or an Apple, Windows or Mac, on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. The key to success is flexibility, and NextGen Office ensures that you are always utilizing the right gadget at the right time.

Patient Scorecard

Our patient Scorecard gives you a quick overview of the client’s portal activity as well as an assessment of medical quality metrics. Users can rapidly manage the population of measures and take the necessary action to rectify failing clients.

The Patient Scorecard is available from the same pages as Encounter Preview and appears on the EHR Dashboard’s slide panel (Customer Tracker, Room Tracker, and Open Encounters)

Patient Portal

A well-designed patient portal should be an integral part of your workflow. When used in conjunction with other tools, such as YourHealthFile, it can improve care quality while also increasing efficiency and revenue. Your patient portal is your EHR’s patient interface, allowing patients to become equal partners in their own health care and facilitating communication with your practice while also reducing the amount of time you and your staff spend on routine tasks.

Your clients have personal, safe access to their digital Personal Health Record with the “YourHealthFile” Patient Portal (PHR). NextGen Office EHR is fully integrated with our online patient portal.