Charmhealth and Athena EHR: Reviews and Features

Charmhealth EHR 

Charmhealth is a unique software that is a cloud-based electronic health record system. It is designed to uplift the healthcare system and provide the best assistance to every person in need. Charmhealth offers its services to large organizations and small medical offices, maintaining quality. It is HIPPA compliant and has many other features that we will discuss below. 

Charmhealth Features

E-prescription: one of its best features is e-prescription. With the feature of e-prescription, the patients can have the prescription online while sitting at home. The days are gone when the patients had to be physically present in the hospital to get the prescription of charmHealth; patients do not have to worry about this problem. It saves the time of the patients and benefits the doctors as well. 

Patient portal
Another striking feature of charm health is the patient portal. The charm health patient portal has the complete details of the patient’s record. Now you should not be worried about losing any piece of information because charm health helps you store all the essential information in its patients’ portal. 

Voice recognition

The latest feature introduced to the software world is voice recognition, and charm health has the option for this feature. Voice recognition lets you. have the opportunity to record your voice message, and the letters are then translated into the notes. The notes are the key factor in giving the doctor the correct information about your concerned problem. 

Appointment reminders

Another fantastic feature of charm health EHR is the appointment reminder. There are times when patients forget about their appointments, and for that, appointment reminders are the best solution as the reminders are sent via text or calls. In addition, many people have started to remember their selections better due to appointment reminders. 

Charmhealth Reviews


• Users had many positive things to say about the software. One of the reviews revolved around the easy management of the software. They said it was straightforward to manage the option, and the system was efficient, making the work easy for users. 

• One of the users wrote that the best part of the software is that it allows the patients to edit their information. They said that editing is a critical task for managing your patient portal.

• Another review on charm health EHR talked about charm health EHR’s customer support. They praised the efficiency of the support and said that they had a great experience because of the customer support. Moreover, they noted that they heard them whenever they suggested something to the customer support and worked on it. 


• However, some people had reservations about the software; they said there were some glitches in the software’s working. Those glitches made their work slow, which was not a good experience.

• Another user had some reviews about the software’s billing system. They said that they did not find the billing system efficient enough. Their efficiency in terms of billing management is to be improved.

Athena EHR

It is a cloud-based electronic health record system usually compatible with small and medium-sized medical practices and hospitals. Organizations have found Athena EHR to be the solution to all their administrative work that used to be one hectic task: restoring the reports, finding files of patients on computers, and losing the patient’s history. Athena HER Software has now solved all these problems. However, Athena EHR Software has been used mainly in small-sized organizations and hospitals. So first, let us look at the various reviews and features of Athena EHR

Athena EHR Features

1. Systemic Documentation 

Athena’s EHR Software provides efficient documentation with an increased ability to secure files and reports. In addition, the workflows made with this software enable the users to chat and pinpoint their health records, making it easy to tap on any report or file instantly. Moreover, the other aspect of this feature is that this software acquires insight from 135K doctors and clinicians. 

2. Collaborative Interaction

The patient care plans have done their work. Nobody could have imagined the inconvenience of meeting the clinician to be ousted by any software. However, Athena EHR Software has done that for you. Its collaborative feature of making appointments too quick and easy has eased the process. 

3. Patient Portals

Athena EHR Software enables a mobile app with a patient portal option available. The patient portal feature allows the staff and patients to review the complete history and guide in-depth information. 

Athena EHR Reviews


• There were many positive reviews about the software, and one of the users noted that the software has a single login that easily allows access to the files. They said their work was more accessible due to more minor feature complications. 

• One of the other reviews revolved around the software’s easy interface. The users noted that compared to other software they have used, Athena HER’s work is more manageable and smoother. 

• Other reviews revolved around how the software has a transparent solution. The transparency also helps the insurance companies and can benefit them. 

• Some other users noted that the customer service was the best part of the software. They said they could quickly get through any complex situation they faced with ease because of the supportive customer service. 


• However, some of the users did not have a good experience with the software, one of the reviewers noted that they did not feel secure while using the software. They said that the system could be made more secure so they could trust the system with personal information. 

• Some of the other users noted that the browser became slower at times and that caused them to delay their work. Improvement is suggested in fixing the browser problem. Some other users also suggested more integrations. 

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Our Thoughts 

People have often sought charm health EHR vs Athena EHR, but we have given the complete details of both the software because we believe that the two have similarities and they have worked tirelessly for the well-being of people who need medical software to have an easier medical journey. Well, read our reviews and information about Athena and charm health and make the right decision for yourself.