Tips For Reducing Boiler Utilities

Does your business rely on a boiler? How much do you pay for your heating bills? Are the bills rising? Well, heating bills can be intimidating. They can eat into your company’s profits. However, you can reduce the heating bills and save on utility bills. Get the right energy deal via Utility Bidder. Choose the right plan. Here are practical tips and tricks for lowering boiler utility bills.

Annual Inspection

An efficient boiler requires regular maintenance. Annual maintenance will make your boiler more efficient and productive. An efficient unit can also save you huge utility bills. Schedule annual inspection. Call in an expert to pinpoint key issues with your boiler.

Check for loose screws. Ensure that there are no leaking pipes in the boiler. Check the valves. Over time, a boiler can become less energy efficient. It’s your responsibility to ensure that everything with the boiler is ok.

Sealing Air Leaks

A leaking boiler can lose up to 35 percent of its energy efficiency. That’s why you should always inspect and seal the leaks. If there are drafts in the windows and doors, replace them. Bring in energy-efficient windows. Also, you can replace a caulking window or door.

Inspect Water Pipes

Water pipes are important accessories to your boilers. Thus, consider inspecting them. Look out for water leaks. Remember, water leaks can lead to loss of pressure. This will make your unit less energy efficient. Water leaks can also cause serious damage.

Look out for things like corrosion. They can reduce the efficiency of your boiler and increase the heating bills.

Inspect It In The Summer

Fort optimal performance, have your boiler inspected during the summer. This will prepare it for more efficiency during the fall. Switch it on for a few minutes. These proactive steps will optimize the performance of your boiler during the cooler months.

Thermostat Settings

Set the thermostat correctly. Poor setting can cause wear and tear to your unit. Ask the energy manager to master the art of setting the thermostat. It should not be too low. Turn it down at night for more cost-saving opportunities. Ideally, the variance between day and night should be around 8 degrees.

Boiler Repairs

For whatever reason, don’t postpone boiler repairs. Remember, a small issue can cost you a lot of money. Thus, repairs should be scheduled accordingly. Timely repairs improve the boiler’s overall efficiency. Schedule repairs. Hire the right boiler expert for repairs.

Repairs should address things like leakages, system failure, rust, etc. Call an expert to help you repair the boiler. There are good companies out there that can repair your boiler. Also, if there is any worn-out part, replace it immediately.

The Bottom-Line

Manufacturing is a key element of the global economy.  Thus, if you are planning to get into this lucrative industry, that’s recommendable. However, you should be careful when handling overhead costs like boiler utility bills. Use the above tips and tricks to reduce your company’s boiler utility bills.