Kraft Mailer Packaging – Importance, Uses, and Its Benefit

Kraft mailers are a type of mailing envelope. Typical Kraft envelopes have a distinctive brown color and texture, created by the manufacturing of Kraft paper, which bears its name from the German word for strength or toughness. The most common use for this type of envelope is shipping books and other publications to customers.

This type of envelope is one of the most economical options available for shipping items. Their low cost can benefit small businesses greatly, allowing them to send out multiple copies without spending a lot on postage costs each time they send an item out. In addition, this lowers overhead expenses for companies that ship products often or in bulk quantities.

Even though these envelopes are cheaper than many others, it is still very important that they are mailed out correctly. In addition, items being sent in them have to be protected against water damage since this type of envelope does not offer any form of protection against moisture or humidity outside the package.

This blog will highlight the importance of these Kraft paper packaging boxes. Moreover, it will also discuss the uses and benefits of these packages. So, keep reading to know more about the phenomena of kraft boxes.

Benefits of Using Kraft Paper Boxes

1) Low Price:

The Kraft mailer’s main benefit is its low price. It can also be used for heavy products, as it prevents the contents from being crushed by heavy stacks of other items packed inside with it. Some people use these types of envelopes to wrap gifts, as well. If you’re looking to send an item that isn’t incredibly valuable or fragile, then a Kraft mailer will do just fine. Some mailing services provide these envelopes for free when certain size requirements are met.

2) Reliable Packaging Material:

The Kraft paper boxes are very reliable when it comes to packaging. They are durable but not too strong where they become hard to open and destroy the contents inside. 

Storage boxes like these can be used without worrying about any damage occurring due to moisture or dirt. If something is made out of paper or cardboard, it can be placed inside these boxes for storage without using any extra protection.

3) Convenience:

The Kraft mailers are very convenient when it comes to filling them. Since they are already brown, you do not need to worry about covering up the contents with paint, stickers or anything else that may look suspicious to a potential thief. You should be fine as long as you make sure the outside of the box doesn’t give away what is inside. These boxes are very durable and reliable, so you don’t need to worry about checking everything twice before sending your package through the post office. You also don’t need to buy expensive supplies that may not even be worth it.

4) Strength and Durability:

The Kraft mailers are made of strong paperboard, which means they aren’t easy to break through or tear open. You can use them for almost anything, including shipping items using any carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS etc.) Finally, because the package itself isn’t too big, you don’t have to worry about wasting time stacking heavy boxes on top of one another. It’s all lightweight stuff that you’ll barely notice when you’re carrying it around! As a bonus, if you ever need to drop off your parcel at a bulk mailbox or post office without having to wait in line just so you can send it out, you can do so while leaving your package in this flat easy-to-hold packaging.

5) Easy Printing on Kraft Mailer Packaging:

Kraft mailers are extremely versatile. You can use them for many purposes such as shipping, storage and mailing of products. They come in different sizes and colors to match your requirements. If you want your message to stand out more, it is a good idea to choose a color that will make it stand out (such as bright orange or red). You can also print on them using an inkjet printer at home. 

These sturdy cardboard boxes are perfect for both business and personal use. They are strong and will not get a paper jam. Using custom printing you can print whatever you want on them using an inkjet printer. This includes photos, designs, and patterns.

Uses of Kraft Boxes in Various Fields

1) To Pack Food Items:

Kraft boxes are a great way to send food items like cookies, cakes, and candies because they look beautiful and keep the items inside secure. In addition, these sturdy cardboard containers provide maximum protection to your products from moisture damage as well as foreign objects. Moreover, this custom packaging is eco-friendly, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious people!

2) For Gifts:

With versatile Kraft boxes, you can easily pack all kinds of gifts ranging from birthday party favors to small Christmas presents. If you are planning to send chocolate bars to your customers, silver foil-lined Kraft mailers are the best choice. These security printed boxes will make sure that nothing gets stolen or damaged during transit. They are perfect for sending jewelry or any other valuable item.

3) For Collectibles:

Kraft boxes are great for sellers of collectibles. If you have action figures, wine glasses or even pottery that you need to pack securely, these custom printed boxes can help. Just pick the size and color that best suits your needs, then go ahead with your purchase!

4) For Business Promotions:

These days almost everyone is using the internet in some way to market their business. However, when it comes to selling items online using websites like eBay or Amazon, one has to pay extra money to ship their products to different locations worldwide. It can be quite expensive, so instead, what most entrepreneurs do is they sell locally only.

5) Coloring Books:

This type of packaging is usually used for things related to kids. For example, coloring books that come in different sizes come with corresponding colored markers, so your kid will have endless hours of fun! In addition, having custom printed Kraft paper boxes will help you cut costs and look professional at the same time!

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Final Words:

I hope you have found the information above useful. However, one should always remember that when it comes to advertising, one has to do a lot of research and understand their target market for them to be able to sell their products effectively, which will lead to you earning maximum profits from your venture!