Beat The Heat with Desi Drinks –¬†Kushal Dev Rathi

There is no refuting that everyone is worried because of the hot weather, which is a result of our excessive mistreatment of nature. Though we cannot beg the Sun to hide, we may soothe ourselves by sipping some cold coolers that will not only relieve our thirst but will also protect us from the blazing heat. Treating yourself to a cool drink in the warmer months feels divine, and if you have some spare time on your hands, why not get started on some homemade desi summer cocktails to fight the heat? Nothing beats lovely summer beverages derived from natural components for energizing our hot days. Let’s get our summer started with these delectable beverages, which range from sharbat to homemade buttermilk and many more. Mint, lemon, cumin seeds, curd, and other cooling ingredients are ideal for the hot season. So, being an avid supporter of all-natural and desi ingredients, nature enthusiast Kushal Dev Rathi offers 5 excellent recipes of desi summer beverages that are perfect to counteract the sweltering heat that he consumes.

Pudina Sharbat 

Pudina is well-known for its refreshing and therapeutic effects, and the finest way to integrate it into your meal is through your summer beverages. This recipe calls for 1 bunch of fresh mint leaves, 5 cups water, 1 cup sugar, and 1 tsp lime. Combine all the contents in a bowl and stir. You can even add some ice if preferred. 


The most popular and simple to create cocktail is ideal for our summer party. It is not only scrumptious, but it is also beneficial to the gut. To make this dish, combine all the contents in a processor and whisk them well. Jaljeera is often created by heating cumin seeds and then powdering them. After you’ve combined all the ingredients, take some cumin powder and add water to taste; you may also garnish with some mint leaves.


These organic and cool beverages are ideal for the hot summer months. 2 cups plain yogurt, 2 green chilies, a handful of coriander leaves, 4 curry leaves, 1 tsp sea salt, or black salt. Mix all the ingredients into the curd in a blender, then pour it into a vessel with two cups of cooled water, freeze for a bit, and it’s ready to gulp.


It is quite flavorful and simple to prepare. All you have to do is grab one or two entire lemons, some sweetener to taste, and some water. Chill it after stirring it. You may also add some shredded mint leaves and ice cubes for spice.

Sattu Sharbat

One of the most nutrient-dense but delectable beverages of all time has arrived to brighten our summer. 1.5 liters cold water, 6 tablespoons sattu (roasted black chickpea flour), 4 to 6 tablespoons ordinary sugar or jaggery – add to taste – and 1/4 teaspoon black salt or 2 to 3 pinches black salt as desired are required for this recipe.