How scalp micro pigmentation can help with hair loss

Let’s not waste time on this one. As a hair restoration treatment, scalp micro pigmentation offers many benefits. If you turn the coin around, finding downsides isn’t that easy at all. But what are these incredible advantages of this contemporary treatment?

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP only recently made its way into households, making a name for itself. In essence, it is a hair loss treatment that works like a tattoo. Nevertheless, there are a few important differences which set it apart from the classic needle and ink trade.

Scalp micro pigmentation is accomplished by using a machine equipped with a microneedle. On the patient’s scalp, a series of tiny dots, resembling imitation hair follicles, are lightly implanted just under the surface of the skin. Generally, the procedure takes two to four hours for regular hair loss conditions, and one to four SMP sessions will complete your procedure. Visit to learn more.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments-Suitable Candidates

It is a condition that affects people all over the world. Yet it can occur for a wide variety of reasons and isn’t based on gender. Who might benefit from scalp micro pigmentation treatments?

  • Women and men alike are affected by pattern baldness, the most common cause of hair loss.
  • Alopecia patients also known as patch baldness, this debilitating health disorder is thought to be caused both by hormones and genetics.
  • The SMP can help those suffering from insufficient density
  • Scars on the scalp usually caused by hair transplants
  • A micro pigmentation treatment can bridge the gap between hair loss and regrowth

SMP: How Does it Differ From Other Hair Restoration Treatments?

Hair restoration industries can benefit from scalp micro pigmentation in a way that other industries cannot. This treatment is guaranteed to work. Due to the way it conceals the problem of hair loss, there is no guarantee of promoting new hair growth, only the promise that you will leave our offices with a maintenance-free look for years to come.

Scalp micro pigmentation: Is it a safe procedure?

As long as you choose your practitioner carefully, SMP is not only exceedingly safe but also holistic. It is important, however, to receive a correctly administered procedure to avoid any eventual mishaps. In terms of safety, apart from the obvious, clean needles, sterile environments, etc., there are some minimal risk factors involved. However, using an under-qualified technician for treatment increases the chances of poorly administered SMP. This can have unimaginable effects on your well-being and emotional state.

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SMP: Fast Facts on the Benefits for Hair Loss

  • Ultimately, it looks natural and realistic. In most cases, it is indistinguishable from an authentic hairline
  • This popular and non-invasive treatment is extremely fast Recovery time for this popular and non-invasive treatment is extremely quick
  • Instant and guaranteed results
  • When the healing process and aftercare routines are complete, your procedure is maintenance-free until it is time for top-ups
  • The final solution to hair loss is scalp micro pigmentation, a treatment that is incredibly affordable