Why Do I Need a Dedicated Server Chicago For My Business Website?


Does your website slow down often? Do you require more space to increase the number of website users and customers? 

Do you need to run resource-hungry applications? Has your website outgrown your existing web hosting plan? If you find yourself dealing with any of such situations, then it is high time for you to consider a Best Dedicated Server Chicago for your website. 

In this article, we will provide you with insights into how dedicated server hosting can become the perfect web hosting solution for your growing website. Let’s dive into the sections below and acquire all the necessary knowledge. 

About Dedicated Server Chicago

The dedicated server allows your website to enjoy the independent, secure, and isolated web hosting environment. It lets you obtain exclusive access to your best Dedicated Server Chicago and its resources. 

You get the opportunity to acquire single-tenant infrastructure, expansive processing power, and a large amount of space (data storage) without having to share them with other users or websites unless you want. 

In addition to this, you can host multiple websites and operate as many applications as you want with hyperfast processing rates and intense data security. This is what makes the dedicated server in Chicago a priority choice of most website owners over other server types. 

Further, the dedicated servers serve as the lifeblood of your brand when you can employ all of the key components of a server. They eventually become an essential part of your business’s day-to-day routine without you being really aware of the same.  

Although Dedicated Server Chicago costs more than all the other web hosting servers, it provides the complete value of your investment while letting you achieve maximum profitability. 

A Dedicated Server Is Beneficial for Whom?

Any growing website or high-traffic website can highly benefit from the Cheap Dedicated Server Chicago. However, here we have categorized some online businesses that generally require or must consider hosting their website on a dedicated server in Chicago. Have a glimpse of them!

Midsize to large companies 

The midsize to large enterprises having a considerable number of employees and managing a huge amount of data should go for the Chicago dedicated server hosting. Moreover, if your online business holds a large inventory/supply chain infrastructure, databases, and hundreds of eCommerce trades hourly, you need to pick the dedicated server hosting plan.

System administrators, developers, and information technology businesses 

All these businesses require dedicated server hosting if there is a need for customization of the web server environment. Also, if they require to operate resource-intensive web applications, like API-driven applications, content administration systems, custom software, software as a service, and others. 

Agencies and web hosting resellers

Typically, the agencies and web hosting resellers require the dedicated server as they have to host clients’ websites. With the dedicated server hosting, they can manage and handle their clients on a single platform without requiring to run multiple web hosting accounts on different hosts.  

Features of Dedicated Server Chicago

Mentioned below are some of the features that you aquire with the dedicated server –

  • You can obtain the complete authority of your server through its root access. This enables you to run, manage, and configure your web server as your website demands. 
  • Your website gets access to the dedicated resources that you can scale up or down as and when required. 
  • Your website gets the possibility to attain optimal performance, high web page loading speed, and high-level data security.
  • The Chicago dedicated server hosting provides the maximum uptime, robust infrastructure support, and the opportunity to acquire the best possible SEO ranking for your website. 

A Dedicated Server Can Be Managed In Several Ways

A Best Dedicated Server Chicago can be managed by the following ways – 

  • Account Management Panel (AMP) 
  • Industry-leading server administration with cPanel 
  • Hosting accounts building with Web Host Manager (WHM) 
  • Handle the files on your server using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) 
  • Secure Shell (SSH) Access for leveraging the command line
  • One-click installation with Softaculous
  • Safeguard for your website with Backup Manager 


As you have learned the features, benefits, and usage of the Cheap Dedicated Server Chicago, you might feel the need to4 have one. If you wish to make the best use of your dedicated server, you must look out for a reliable and suitable web host who provide intense web hosting services and excellent customer support. 

One such web host is Serverwala data center that is highly recognized for rendering the best dedicated server with cutting-edge technologies and hyper-scale hosting services at the most affordable pricing. It offers an extensive range of web hosting solutions for all kinds of web businesses. Some of the amazing benefits that you ger from the Serverwala dedicated server in Chicago are –

  • Your website receives 10 GBPS virtual LAN subnets, premium bandwidth, and Hardware RAID support. 
  • Serverwala offers a service level agreement that provides the guarantee of 99.90% uptime, high-tech network flexibility, and redundant power to your website with the cheap dedicated server. 
  • You get SSH root control of your server to quickly and smoothly customize, configure, run, and manage the server on your own without any restrictions. 
  • Your website attains robust and consistent network connectivity with security-as-a-service. 

Furthermore, you can visit the Serverwala official site or connect to experts via 24/7 customer service support to gain further insightful details about the data center’s best and cheapest Chicago dedicated server hosting.