Get the Best Control Panel Option For a Dedicated Server Sydney


While choosing the right web hosting solution for your website is important, obtaining the best control panel helps you keep up with the web hosting service. The control panel becomes even more essential when it comes to having a Dedicated Server Sydney to host your website. This is because the dedicated server is a web hosting server that solely operates for a single user. This implies you get the whole server’s space and resources for hosting your website. 

Thus, the Sydney dedicated server hosting comes with considerable management responsibility. In this article, we will provide you with insights into the functioning and types of control panels that can be employed with the dedicated server in Sydney. Let’s first begin with understanding how a dedicated server is managed.  

How Can You Manage Your Dedicated Server Sydney?

The dedicated server Sydney is devised to give complete support to an individual user for hosting a website. With dedicated server hosting, you acquire access and control over the entire server’s space and resources. It possesses high processing power and robust hardware support. 

Since you have the whole server, you have to run and operate it optimally. You must enable your website to make the best use of a dedicated server. This can be done easily by managing your dedicated server through a control panel. Jump to the subsequent section to know how the control panel helps in administering and managing a dedicated server in Sydney and what are the best control panel choices you have. 

What Does a Control Panel Do?

A control panel serves as a simple, browser-based point and click interface that enables you to create, manage, and maintain your website as well as its associated applications. The associated apps incorporate your directories, email and database servers, FTP accounts, and more. 

With the control panel, you also become capable of installing any customized software required for your website and setting up respective accounts for staff. Moreover, you are not required to know any computer programming or possess any expertise in order to employ control panel software for efficiently managing and handling your website on a dedicated server. 

Choose Control Panel Options Wisely

Many users prefer to get a control panel that is easy to employ as well as intuitive at the same time, especially if they are new to the environment of the Best dedicated server Sydney. At present, you can find that numerous options of control panels are available in the industry. Further, picking the right one for administering and handling your website on a dedicated server in Sydney can be a bit tricky. 

The wise move to make here is to analyze what you are looking for and grab the knowledge about what a particular control panel can provide. Typically, the control panels are devised in a way to work for the particular operating systems that are specifically Windows and Linux. The following are some of the most prevalent and famous options of control panels that you can take up with the dedicated server hosting in Sydney, all of which are highly reliable.


cPanel/WHM is the most feature-rich and widely used control panel. It is the powerful control panel that serves as the industry standard amongst web hosts as well as users. With this, you can acquire both the user interface (cPanel) and admin interface (WHM). cPanel enables intuitive web hosting while providing website management tools to end-users, resellers, and dedicated server administrators. 

Plesk Panel

Plesk is yet another effective control panel. Under the European market, it has a 75 to 80 percent share. Plesk control panel provides support to diverse Linux Distributions (CentOS, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, etc.) as well as Windows operating system. It comes in several editions, each tailored for distinct hosting service cases. You acquire both user interface and admin features with the Plesk control panel while hosting your website on the Best dedicated server Sydney.  


MSPControl is a web hosting control panel, particularly for Windows systems. It automates the provisioning of a full suite of web-hosted services on a Windows dedicated server. Further, it lets you have multi-tenant point-and-click control easily over the applications of Windows dedicated server, incorporating Microsoft Online Services, Microsoft RemoteApp, Microsoft IIS, Hyper-V R2 Deployments, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, etc.

Other Benefits of Dedicated Server Sydney

When you choose the right control panel with your dedicated server in Sydney from a reliable and renowned web host such as Serverwala data center, you get the following benefits –

  • Your website performs at high speed with the least web page loading time while having accessibility to highly available resources. 
  • Your website also gets the possibility to attain the maximum uptime and high-tech network flexibility. 
  • Your website attains the opportunity of acquiring the best possible SEO ranking. 
  • You get SSH root access to your dedicated server. This enables you to configure, customize, and operate your server on your own without any limitations and constraints. 


When you choose to host your website on a dedicated server, you must be ready to face different ranks and complexity. This is because you are the only one who is responsible to run your dedicated server Sydney efficiently in order to make your website accessible and available on the Internet 24/7.  Further, the right control panel helps you build your website in the best way possible by letting you have the administrative power and customization flexibility in your hands. 

Moreover, with the Serverwala dedicated server hosting in Sydney, you get the assurance of round-the-clock excellent customer support service via highly-skilled professionals and specialists under both managed and unmanaged web hosting plans. You can visit the official website of the Serverwala right away to gain additional details about the data center’s best and most affordable Cheap dedicated server Sydney –