What to keep in mind while opting for Windows Hosting?

Windows and Linux both are pretty prominent to be used as hosting server Operating Systems (OS). Due to their relevancy and ease of use as the desktop and PC Windows, Windows Servers attracted a lot of users to use it. If one prefers to run its website on a Windows-like server space, opting for Windows Hosting is the right track.

However, some important factors should be kept in mind and checked to get the right hosting. Read through the end and look out for the hosts that can offer the best and most cheap Windows server hosting services.

Let’s have a brief introduction to know a bit about this hosting.

What is Windows hosting?

The hosting type utilizing Microsoft Windows as the server’s operating system is known as Windows hosting. The server space can productively support all Windows-specific technologies and programming languages, owing to this feature. For instance, it can be ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), and more.

In addition, Microsoft releases regular updates to boost the viability of its products. So, you can expect your hosting environments to be leveled up in terms of security, free of bugs, etc., every time the update comes. That adds up to be another benefit of Windows’ hosting.

Now let’s get back to the main subject in question.

Features You Must look for when Opting for Windows Hosting 

Comprehensive Windows Frameworks Support 

Undoubtedly, the Windows server supports Microsoft technologies. A large number of businesses fancy utilizing Windows-Based Applications, Windows-specific code. OR many businesses though diverging regarding their niches and businesses, already have ASP NET websites. The hosting company should offer extensive support for such technologies to cater to individual business needs.

Be it the older ones or the advanced versions; it should support all Windows frameworks effectively. For example, currently, ASP NET has a 4.0 version; Hosting should support it.

If it isn’t the case, it can either immediately lead to compatibility and stability issues or over time.

Development Technologies & Software Support 

It has been observed that preferring Windows servers; still, not all people use Microsoft or .Net technologies for their websites. In fact, many people use their preferred platform or applications. So, the hosting plan should also support techs like PHP and other third-party integrations.

Apps Restrictions 

Typically, the best Windows hosting provider is one that never imposes the user to employ Microsoft apps for your website. It does not matter whether as a platform or for fusing functionality to the website. Still, be careful; it can be the case with the company that is going to be your Windows host. If it’s the case, you can avoid getting estranged with such services at the right time.

Security Measures 

The next feature to scan for when opting for Windows hosting is security. Weak security directly leads to attacks and hacking, for sure. Therefore, solid security should be your priority. Remember to check if the company offers high-level security, SSL certificates, DDoS protection, 24/7 server monitoring, and more.

Scalability Options 

Not to mention, websites grow with time, calling for increased resources and features. Therefore, scalability probably has become the must-have attribute of all types of hosting. Precisely, one can get a Windows server of any type, for instance, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server. So, you should confirm if the company offers easy, quick, and flexible scalability and upgrading. 

24/7 Customer Support 

Customer support is also essential related to hosting regardless of the type, scale, and pricing. It is because hosting issues concerning server/ website can occur to laypersons and even professionals at any time. And most of them must need the hosting expertise to be resolved. So, make sure to check for 24/7 support availability alongside the channels (live chat, phone support, email, and tickets).

You can scrutinize using reviews/ comments of the users (previous/ current) on the website and forums to make an informed decision when opting for Windows Hosting.

Pricing & Cost-Effectivity 

People think of Windows hosting as expensive. However, that is always not the case. Companies offer different Windows plans varying in pricing and hosting assets. Some you can freely choose one depending on your needs and budget.

However, if you are tight on budget, it is always best to find an affordable host and check for the price gimmicks. Remember, very low pricing can have mediocre quality services. However, that eventually can dramatically cost a lot if the website loses customers, so be careful.

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Wrapping Up!

The features mentioned above will help you find a reliable host and Windows plan and bypass the hassles of falling into the traps. So, make sure to employ them when opting for Windows Hosting. Windows Server Hosting can be an absolute solution no matter for small businesses, startups, or enterprises. Navicosoft is a leading cheap windows hosting provider that offers a feature-rich yet affordable hosting environment for any scale and niche business. So, you can get its cheap Windows server hosting and host your website smoothly.