Top 9 Ways to Make Your House Cozier

To escape from stress, you need to make your home cozy and pleasant for relaxation. How do you create a comfortable environment in your apartment or house?

Organize Soft Lighting

In the evening, turn off the main light and use additional soft light. Lamps and floor lamps with lamps with a warm glow are good for this. It makes your furnishings look softer. Warm light doesn’t interfere with watching TV and is enough for gambling at CasinoChan or reading a book.

You can create a romantic atmosphere with the help of garlands. Choose not those that are usually hung on the Christmas tree, but neutral, light-colored ones. It will look good on the headboard, curtains or windowsill. How do you figure out what is cool and warm lighting? Look at the color of the light bulb burning. Yellow is warm, about 3,000 Kelvin, and cool white is about 5,000 Kelvin. The higher the reading, the cooler the light. The color temperature of a candle is 1850 K.

Add Textile Furnishings

Try adding soft things: plaid, pillows or a fluffy rug. They can be incorporated into any interior, even the roughest.

These things are good because they can be used for their intended purpose rather than just admiring the view.

Add Greenery

Put a few plants on a table or make a stand. If you don’t have time to take care of flowers, look into unpretentious plants.

Other easy to care for plants:

  • Epipremnum goldenis.
  • Nephrolepis sublime.
  • Philodendron ivy.
  • Dracaena.
  • Aglaonema.
  • Zamioculcas.
  • Scindapsus. 

If you don’t want to go to all that trouble, you can put live cut flowers.

Arrange the Pottery

Ceramic tableware and handmade interior items can add to the coziness. The peculiarity of ceramics is that they don’t have a perfect pattern, which emphasizes their individuality. You can buy exclusive options on Instagram. Small workshops are careful with each piece, which is especially nice.

Another option is to go to a clay molding workshop. That way you can make a ceramic ornament or dish with your own hands in 1 lesson.

Bring out Your Favorite Things With History

Restore your grandmother’s dresser or a table that’s been passed down for generations. One such piece can be a key piece of interior design. If you don’t have such a piece of furniture, you can buy it at vintage shops or from collectors.

An alternative way is to buy modern furniture and use sandpaper to remove the layer of paint and artificially give the piece an antique look.

Update Your Bedding

The bedding set is best taken in white. If you already have a basic set, you can move on to boulder bright colors. You can also experiment with textures. A blanket, looking out from under the plaid, looks cozy: you can make any bedspread this way, regardless of the thickness and density. In winter, try soft fleece bedding.

Hang New Curtains

If you have lightweight linen curtains, consider changing them out for any heavy ones with a warm lining. You might consider jacquard fabric or sintepon as a lining. This will make the room warmer by insulating the room with heavy fabric.

Put Poufs on the Floor

Frameless poufs create a relaxed atmosphere. Comfortable seating encourages relaxation and rest, unlike the stiffer lines of traditional seating options.

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Create a Reading Nook

To create a reading nook, you can use a chair with a lamp or a wide window sill. Add pillows, a quilt or plaid to the nook. Bring some hot tea with you.

This cozy spot will further stimulate you to read that very book that has been lying on the shelf for a long time. Not only can you read at your new place, but you can flip through a glossy magazine or watch a TV series on your tablet.