SBXHRL : Best Digital Marketing Tool

For new businesses, it is important to have all tools that can help to increase their reach to customers. There are many digital marketing tools are available on the internet. From them Sbxhrl is one of the best tools that can give more leads, improve organic traffic to the business website and help you to reach more and more customers.

As we mentioned earlier, to get more profit from any business you need to catch a more customer base by various methods like social media, google organic traffic, video marketing, and paid advertisement.

What is Sbxhrl?

Sbxhrl is a digital marketing tool that will help you with many tasks for getting your new business online. This tool helps in getting more customer leads online, to increase organic traffic to the website, and more sales. You can make different strategies by trial and error method and get the final profitable results.

The best thing to use Sbxhrl is that you can use it for different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and more. Sbxhrl plugin, you can use for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firebox.

Advantages of Sbxhrl over other digital marketing tools

There are many advantages of using Sbxhrl.

Authority of the website

Authority of the website is very important to rank higher in Google and other search engines. You can know the authority of your site and your competitor’s websites by using Sbxhrl. Site authority depends on the age of the domain and number of backlinks, quality of backlinks, and many more factors. High authority sites have a higher chance to come in the first 10 results in search engines.

Traffic Geo Location

It is important for any business that traffic to their business comes from the location where their business is located. Sbxhrl gives proper data of the traffic by country so that you can know site visitors’ locations. You can search keywords that are related to your business and also rank in your country. Work on that keywords and get more organic traffic to grow fast.


Backlinks are one of the factors that are considered for ranking Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. You can use Sbxhrl tool to know backlinks to your domain and other important URLs of the site. You can also check the backlinks of other competitor sites.

Outreach is an important part to contact more business websites and getting links to your website. By competitor site analysis, you can make a list of domains from where other websites got links. You can also approach that website and suggest your detailed article to get links.

Broken Links

Check broken links to your website with Sbxhrl tool and fix them as early as possible to improve the SEO of your business website. Broken links are the links that are removed from sites or URL changed but still getting reference links from the other sites. You can also approach other website admin and tell them to fix and replace links to new URLs.

Keyword ranking

Keyword ranking is an important SEO task. You can check and monitor up to 100 keywords with the help of this amazing tool. Monitor keyword ranking, add keywords in articles that your page is also ranked for. It will give you an idea to do offline SEO.

Social Media Presence

This feature is new in Sbxhrl in 2022. You can check your website’s traffic from different social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You just have to add HTML code to the header section. If you are not tech-savvy then you can install the header footer plugin. With the help of this plugin, directly add HTML code to the header section of the website. If you are running ads on social media platforms then you can monitor traffic from the particular platform with Sbxhrl.

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Sbxhrl is one of the cheapest SEO tools with lots of benefits that other tools cover in more than double the price. If you are looking for the tools that work for all your digital marketing needs and are cost-friendly then subscribe to Sbxhrl immediately.

You can get Sbxhrl free for a month or for a week depending on the offer. But, after that, you have to take paid subscription plan. The price for the tool depends on the subscription period. You can buy it for a year to get the best price.

New businesses need investment. If you want to grow in business then you have to do this small investment in SEO tools to get your business on track.

From our analysis, Sbxhrl is one of the best tools that cover important things that new businesses need at an affordable price. Use this software and give your reviews by commenting here.