Proven ways that will deliver the best food through office catering

If you have an office in London and regularly order food, you probably use one catering company that works with local businesses. But how do you know that the food will stay fresh on its way to your employees? There’s no way to be 100% sure, but you can reduce the risk by hiring the best caterers who offer quality refrigerated vans. 

We make sure your Office catering in London order arrives hot and fresh at your business location by implementing the tactics mentioned in our blog. 

A short history of office catering

If you’re thinking about getting some office catering for your employees, it can be hard to know what route to take. What options are available? Is there any history of catering at your company or similar businesses? The answer is yes. Here’s a short overview of how office catering came to be and why it has been an integral part of many companies around London. 

In medieval times, royalty and nobility would receive food tasters from people who ate small portions of their meals first to test that they weren’t poisoned. This practice eventually evolved into modern-day executive chefs who make sure that meals served up in large corporate functions are safe for everyone to eat.

Benefits of office catering

If you’re stuck inside all day, it can be tempting to make unhealthy food choices; you don’t have to look far in any office kitchen to find that evidence. Thankfully, many office blocks now offer catering services. 

Whether your company is new or old, having some freshly prepared meals brought right to your desk can help ensure everyone stays on track with a healthy diet. A well-nourished workforce means better productivity and fewer sick days for your employees. 

It also makes sense from an environmental perspective, and if you ask anyone who works in an office, they’ll tell you how much of a challenge it is to avoid temptation during lunchtime! When there are vending machines full of junk food at every turn, why not take advantage of professional catering? It will save money (you won’t need to buy as much snack food), time (no more waiting in line), and space (you won’t need extra fridges).

How caterers can help you with your business lunches, meetings, dinners, and other events

Caterers provide an extensive range of catering for events, from basic sandwich platters to custom-designed menus. Our experienced chefs pre-prepared everything, so all you have to do is get on with your meeting. If you’re stuck on time or just not sure what to choose, why not let us take care of everything? 

All best caterer’s products are made fresh daily and come with significant portion sizes that will leave you and your guests happy. Whether it’s sandwiches for lunch, hot food for dinner, or even drinks, only we can help. Caterer’s fully refrigerated vans mean we can deliver throughout London on any day or night, no matter how big or small your event might be!

The best office catering in London doesn’t need to be complicated. There are many ways to make simple food seem unique without breaking the bank. Best caterers follow those plenties of ways and give you better experiences.

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Benefits of refrigerated van hire

When you’re getting your business off the ground, whether you’re providing a product or service, getting your foot in the door is essential. One way to make that happen is through catering for local businesses, but can you afford expensive delivery costs? It might be worth your while to check out a refrigerated van hire company. Due to this, you will get fresh and quality food.

Using a refrigerated delivery vehicle keeps food fresh and helps you save time. If you’re trying to arrange office catering or meals, it makes sense to opt for a refrigerated delivery vehicle. Not only does food stay fresh, but your driver can also drop off meals and pick up rubbish on his route back to base. This means that you won’t have to organize the collection yourself, and your staff will have everything they need at hand.

When you choose the best catering company in London, you get access to the refrigerated van hire and box trucks. Due to this facility, you will always experience the best fresh food.