Online series 1b Leereuters- Boltech Raised $180m, Valued $1billion, Lee from Reuters Explained

Boltech, a promising insurance tech startup has skyrocketed to success with its latest funding round. The company raised an incredible $180 million and is now valued at over $1 billion – making it one of the most valuable startups in the industry! This news was first published by Jane Lee in Reuters. This news was viral with the short form of online series 1b leereuters.

Raising $180 Millions with a total value of $1 billion is not a normal thing

Boltech, an international company with offices in New York and Singapore, has developed a pioneering platform connecting insurance companies to their customers. This innovative matchmaking helps insurers provide financial products not usually within their area of expertise – saving billions on advertising fees while ensuring customers get the best possible options for them. Rob Schimek, boltech’s Group CEO spoke about this revolutionary approach saying “just don’t want to say no”.

Boltech is embarking on an ambitious endeavor, fueled by financial support from Schimek. With these funds, the company will be able to upgrade its technology and reach more customers around the world.

About Boltech which is one of the largest insurance exchange

Boltech is the world’s largest insurance exchange, connecting millions of insurance buyers and sellers worldwide. The platform provides an extensive selection of risk transfer solutions for all industries, ranging from short-term policies to long-term agreements. With the innovative technology at its core, the platform allows brokers and insurers to efficiently manage their portfolios of risks in real time, with access to real-time pricing data and trading insights.

Boltech has also been instrumental in helping clients develop new types of risk transfer products and optimizing existing ones. This demonstrates their commitment to staying ahead when it comes to innovation in insurance exchange technologies. Boltech’s success has enabled them to become a global leader in providing an efficient risk transfer solution.

Recently in October 2022, Boltech, a Singapore-based insurance tech startup, secured a Series B investment to propel its expansion on the global stage. This fresh influx of funds will be used to continue the company’s rapid growth momentum and develop innovative technology solutions for insurance markets across the world.

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Growth is the main focus of this firm. Boltech and Max Solution Service Co. Ltd. have entered into a strategic partnership to enable customers of the latter’s flagship product, Max Card, to access insurance products swiftly through its innovative application – Max Me! This exclusive platform powered by Boltech’s acclaimed insurance exchange will offer an array of coverage options including vehicle and travel protection as well as accident defense amongst other selections.

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