Make Your Desired Diamond Earrings a Reality

Diamond earrings are an inseparable attribute of an elegant woman. Properly selected jewelry adds charm and self-confidence. And the one with the gemstones never goes out of style. Before you decide to buy, read what is worth remembering when choosing the perfect Diamond Earrings 

What are the Difference between a Diamond and a Brilliant?

The answer is very simple: A diamond is a raw material, while the term “brilliant” refers to a cut type with 57 facets, 58 if the tip is also faceted.

In addition, the brilliant cut is used on all types of gemstones. So we can get, for example, brilliant cut rubies. The most famous engagement ring in recent years, which has become super fashionable, and is not a diamond, is an oval cut sapphire presented to Kate Middleton. When we talk about brilliants without further specification, we always mean a brilliant cut diamond. 

There are also other types of cuts, although they are less common, such as princess, emerald, or oval. Celebrities usually choose diamonds with less obvious cuts. For example, Jennifer Lopez boasted a ring with a 20-carat diamond with an emerald cut on Instagram. You can read about other famous engagement rings or promise ring meaning here.

Brilliant Cut Information:

A brilliant is a cut diamond that has been given a characteristic cut. Therefore when, describing and valuing diamonds, the same parameters are used for diamonds. The first element to pay attention to is the color of the diamond. Colorless stones are the most desirable and, at the same time, the most expensive. 

This scale uses letters of the alphabet from the letter D (colorless) to the letter Z, as the color saturation increases. The color intensity is determined by comparing the analyzed diamond with the reference stone. In nature, apart from white diamonds, you can also find yellow, pink, blue, orange, black, and even c. 

The more colors a diamond has, the lower it gets. The exceptions are those with unusual colors, such as blue or pink, which are not included in the classification.  

Diamond Information:

Diamonds with the highest rating are not necessarily the best choice for earring purchases. The cost of purchasing a D / E / F grading diamond is extremely high. The stones in the earrings are small, and the average human eye cannot distinguish whether the diamond in the jewelry is of the highest quality or has a color. 

Therefore, when deciding to buy earrings from, it is worth choosing a stone classified lower. A gem with a color in the HJ range will look just as good as the gems classified above. You will save money on it.

At Gemistone Jewelers we offer great products in which diamonds and other precious stones are selected very carefully. Each diamond in the earrings has parameters and an appropriate certificate. We do not frame diamonds with poor jewelry parameters. In addition, we offer much jewelry with stones of the highest parameters, which have an investment value.

How Clean Should a Diamond in Earrings Be?

A diamond’s purity is as important as its color. As with the color of a gem, its purity is also classified. Like any gemstone, a diamond has internal marks called inclusions, and external marks or blemishes. They determine the value of a diamond. The most expensive are stones in the FL (flawless) category, which do not contain any impurities.  

When buying diamond earrings, it is not worth overpaying and opting for the purest stone. As with the color of a diamond, it is a gem of a small size. Therefore, it is worth considering a diamond from a lower category, where the impurities are not noticeable to the naked eye and the price is much lower. 

A stone from the SI1 or SI2 category is a great solution. The earrings do not lose their aesthetic value and the purchase costs are lower. Before you buy a diamond that interests you, check it carefully. Diamonds in the same classification differ from each other and some of them may have visible defects.  

What Size is Appropriate?

When you decide to get diamond earrings, you will surely come across different sizes of stone. Its size is most often a matter of the buyer’s taste. It is worth remembering that the larger the stone, the more visible flaws, and the less transparency. 

These factors become apparent in jewelry and affect its appearance. Better to opt for a smaller stone and make sure your diamond looks clear and colorless. Are you looking for 1 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings at Low Prince? Then, visit our online store at, and get the best price on all diamonds jewelry with Free Shipping services. 

Which Types of Diamond Earrings?

Once we have the diamond selected, an equally important element in choosing the right type of earrings in which the stone will be located. The most popular choices are studs, bolts, and earrings in which the stone is framed. A framed diamond will be much safer. The jewel, surrounded by metal stripes, is held in a secure position. Whichever earring you choose, make sure your earrings are built to last.

What Metal Should the Earrings are made of?

The last factor is the choice of material from which the earrings will be made. There are many elements to choosing the right metal. In addition to the aesthetic value of a given material, it is also worth considering its durability – whether the metal bends or scratches easily when using jewelry.

 When buying the right metal, the allergic reaction of our body also plays a large role. It is impossible to enjoy beautiful, diamond earrings if the material they are made of causes us an allergy to them. 

Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings

Yellow gold is known to everyone. This metal is often used in jewelry. This is a classic solution that will make many jewelry lovers happy. In addition, it is a material resistant to bending and scratches. Yellow gold looks especially beautiful on people with a warmer complexion.

White Gold Diamond Earrings

Cool, white gold is an extremely elegant metal that creates an icy, yet subtle combination with a diamond. Fans of the latest trends are reaching for this metal more and more often. It is an extremely durable material, so diamond earrings in a white gold setting will look great for many years. White gold looks beautiful on people with a lighter complexion. 

Rose Gold Diamond Earrings

Rose gold is often regarded as romantic, the perfect gift for the person we love. It is a great accessory for women, regardless of age, so combining rose gold with a diamond will always be a good solution. The metal is as durable as yellow and white gold. Rose gold looks good with any skin tone, but neutral tones work best.

Platinum Diamond Earrings

Platinum is a luxurious precious metal as evidenced by its price. It is more durable than gold, so it needs much less maintenance and is not often damaged. Platinum is also a great choice for allergy sufferers – it is hypoallergenic. Platinum diamond earrings will be a great choice for allergy sufferers as platinum is hypoallergenic. Platinum is nickel free and will therefore always be a safe and elegant choice.

Why is silver not used for diamonds?

Silver is not one of the hardest materials, which is why silver brilliant earrings are rather rare. The most common are earrings with diamonds made of 925 silver.

Now all you have to do is find your dream diamond earrings. You will surely find something for yourself in our offer. Also, check out the diamond or birthstone necklaces to create a unique jewelry set.


What are Ecofriendly Diamonds?

Every version of diamond mining greatly disrupts large portions of land and affects the ecosystem in the area. They also use large amounts of water for a lot of their processes. It’s also important to note that they also emit significant amounts of carbon.

With all of these factors put together, diamonds not only come with a steep price on consumers’ wallets but also on the environment. As more scientists warn us about how fast climate change is progressing, more and more people are looking for environmentally friendly options for everything.

This is where eco-friendly diamonds come in.

Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are exactly what the name suggests – diamonds that are formed within the controlled environments of laboratories. Since these diamonds are manufactured in labs and not mined deep within the Earth, they take up fewer resources to produce, don’t disrupt the land, and don’t affect the ecology.

But are they still real diamonds? Absolutely! They are chemically, physically, and visually identical to diamonds that are mined deep within the Earth.

Stephen Morisseau is a spokesman for the Gemological Institute of America or GIA. This is the largest nonprofit organization that created the 4Cs grading system of diamonds. They are the leading authority in everything that concerns gems.

According to Stephen, “[Lab-created diamonds] are not fakes. They’re not cubic zirconias. They have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond.” This statement has proved that lab-grown diamonds are in fact, just as real as any diamond mined from the Earth. 
So when you’re out choosing diamonds for your earrings, opt for lab created diamond earrings instead. They’re a more eco-friendly choice than mined diamonds. Supporting businesses that make a conscious effort in saving the environment is a great step toward helping the environment.

Diamond Earrings – A Perfect Gift

Diamond earrings are the perfect gift idea for a loved one on the occasion of a wedding anniversary, mother’s day, child’s birth, birthday, or Christmas. Earrings with diamonds will emphasize the haughtiness of a special moment, and the woman endowed with them will feel appreciated. Diamond earrings combined with a colored gemstone will surely captivate your loved ones and will be a great souvenir for many years.