14 Strange Pregnancy Facts to Blow Your Mind

Pregnancy confirmation marks the beginning of your motherhood. The journey is no less than a roller coaster ride and can go far beyond experiencing morning sickness and experiencing the changing taste buds. 

I remember when my sister got confirmation after the beta HCG test result, we were wondering what next. Little did we know that pregnancy changes everything, from the physical appearance to the psychological impacts it brings. 

Pregnancy Facts You Might Not Know

If you are just planning or beginning your pregnancy journey, then you must be curious about the changes it can bring. It is even right to prepare yourself in advance but let me tell you that you can never actually get prepared for this unless you experience it. 

However, here I am sharing some of the interesting pregnancy facts that will blow your mind.

  1. Your heart grows – Just as your body starts nurturing a tiny life inside it requires added support. A part of it requires an efficient circulatory system and that’s where your heart plays the role. When your body prepares itself for pregnancy, your blood volume increases at least 40-50% to cater to the requirements of the newborn and to ensure a health pregnancy.
  2. Pregnancy symptoms are not only limited to females – A woman’s body bears the child and consequently faces many changes from food preferences to hormonal levels. But do you know that these pregnancy symptoms can affect your male partner as well? This is known as sympathetic pregnancy in which males experience signs like nausea and weight gain.
  3. Size of the uterus grows bigger – Your womb carries the child and has gone through significant changes. It not only prepares the cushion support for holding the baby but also expands. Your womb that’s barely the size of an orange while you begin the pregnancy journey becomes the size of a watermelon as you are ending the journey.
  4. Your baby even cries in the womb – A baby’s cry at birth is considered normal. Right? But do you know your baby cries long before you are able to identify it? Yes, your baby can cry in the womb though you can’t hear it.
  5. Non-food cravings – You may hear women craving sweet and spicy food during pregnancy. The reason is that your taste buds change and you want these foods to satisfy your taste buds. However, you can also crave some non-food stuff during pregnancy such as ice, soap and chalk. Even an urge to chew on the ice during pregnancy could indicate anemia in pregnancy.
  6. Pregnancy duration varies – Pregnancy is usually a 9 month period during which your baby grows and develops in the womb. However, do you know that this time can go as long as one year? The longest pregnancy that was ever recorded was 375 days.
  7. Your height determines your chances of being pregnant with twins – Yes, this is no joke because maternal height is associated with their chances of conceiving twins. This is because of the fact that taller mothers form a special type of protein in their bodies that increases their likelihood of getting pregnant with twins.
  8. Shortest pregnancy – Just like the longest pregnancy, the shortest pregnancy that was ever recorded was 22 weeks. Though there were a lot of complications, the kid survived. 
  9. Just like the body, your voice can also change – Yes, this is true that some women can experience a change in their vocal quality. These voice changes usually come from the hormonal fluctuation in your body. You are more likely to revert to your original voice after delivering the baby.
  10. Forget twin pregnancy as multiple pregnancies are there to shock you – Every day we hear about three or four babies born in a single pregnancy. But do you know that there is even the birth of right babies in a single pregnancy?
  11. Workout in pregnancy – If you are doing physical activity while pregnant, then it increases your chances of giving a normal birth. 
  12. Pregnancy changes your shoe size – Just like your other body measurements, your shoe size also changes in pregnancy. This is associated with the pregnancy swelling that can make you choose bigger shoes for you. 
  13. Babies with teeth – There are even chances that your baby can be born with teeth. Though the incidence is quite rare, you never know when nature has got a surprise for you.
  14. Heartburn can indicate the hairy heads of unborn babies – Though this was previously considered a myth, many women who experience severe heartburn during pregnancy can give birth to babies having heads full of hair. Well, the link is pretty clear and the hormones are clearly responsible for this.


Bottom Line!

I hope all of these crazy pregnancy facts can leave you surprised. However, proper pregnancy planning and taking the right advice from your physician can ensure you have a healthy and happy pregnancy. With regards to preparation for your breastfeeding journey, you can check Majka.