How Drug Testing Can Be Beneficial

According to an examination by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US citizens use illicit drugs in one out of ten cases. Ill-gotten gains or drug addiction can result in significant impairment and, in many cases, habitual use of illicit drugs. Because of the increased risk of on-the-job injuries and accidents, illicit drug usage poses an especially high risk for workers. iDrugScreen drug tests are beneficial for employers and employees because they create a safer, more productive work environment. You can learn more at

Here are some reasons why drug tests are beneficial to employers and employees:

 Provides a safe working environment

It is possible to adversely affect the safety of employees by using drugs at work:

●     Incapacity to make decisions

●     Rapid reaction time reduction

●     The number of accidents has risen

Workers’ compensation claims can double when alcohol or drugs are used at the workplace and impair judgment of the users. Only workers who have been proven not to abuse drugs are permitted to operate heavy machinery or handle sensitive workplace information.

Becomes more productive

Study after study has shown that employees who use drugs are significantly less productive. This leads to:

●     Deflation of morale

●     Presentism

One in five companies found that drug testing programs increased productivity when conducted by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association and the Society for Human Resource Management. Employees who participate in a drug-testing program report lower absenteeism rates. In addition, the company will provide a safe work environment, increasing morale among employees. Drug testing is particularly helpful when you’re recruiting new employees. The last thing you want is to hire an employee who has a history of substance abuse. It emphasizes the importance of finding a reliable drug testing service in your area. If your organization is somewhere in California, it’s a good idea to reach out to a Corning pre-employment drug test service provider.

The cost of doing business is lower for employers

Employers benefit in two ways from drug testing:

●     The cost of employee labor is reduced

●     Creates a positive working environment

Pre-employment drug testing can reduce turnover caused by drug use and reduce employer costs. As per the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, people who had three or more jobs in the past five years have twice as much likelihood of using illegal drugs. Your company becomes more desirable to employees by having a drug-free workplace policy.

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It is far more beneficial to take drug tests than it is to pay for them. A safer and more productive workplace, along with fewer drugs in the workplace, has a positive impact on employees’ health and well-being. For drug users to avoid applying to your company, it is usually sufficient to mention that drug tests are conducted. Specializing in occupational health, Nova Medical Centers offers a variety of services. By providing excellent services and convenient electronic systems, we offer instant and personalized care to employees who have been injured at work. Across 48 locations in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Indiana, we provide the best medical care for America’s workforce.