Freelancing Anxiety: 5 Effective Ways to Cope

Freelancing Anxiety

There’s no secret about the fact that freelancing can be an anxiety-ridden affair.  You never know where your next project is going to come from.  There’s always that fear of… “What if my work dries up?” There’s also the fear of running into issues with payment, running into clients who don’t honor their contracts, running … Read more

14 Strange Pregnancy Facts to Blow Your Mind


Pregnancy confirmation marks the beginning of your motherhood. The journey is no less than a roller coaster ride and can go far beyond experiencing morning sickness and experiencing the changing taste buds.  I remember when my sister got confirmation after the beta HCG test result, we were wondering what next. Little did we know that … Read more

Periotomes Technique For Dental Extraction Procedures

Dental Extraction Procedures

One of the dental surgical procedures, atraumatic extraction, requires a specific tool called periotomes. It has two main types, which include a straight and another one is angled. The straight one generally helps while treating the teeth located at the front, and the angled one works with the teeth present at the back. The main … Read more

9 Exceptional Advantages of Taking Biotec Facial Treatments

Even though Biotec facial is very beneficial, most people are afraid of it. That is why people who even think of it don’t bother to have it. The thought of consulting a professional scares them. You have to understand that the opinion of a skin physician matters. You can’t judge by yourself what is better … Read more