Making the decision to undergo any procedure is not easy. We surround ourselves with the “what Ifs” and find ourselves thinking more than usual. Sometimes after undergone a cosmetic procedure, we might enjoy the results for a long time. As time passes by, we grow as people. The results might not serve us in the same manner anymore. It often happens, that those with breast implant Toronto find themselves wanting to change the implants or remove them. It is natural to want that. If you connect to this, it is time to consider breast augmentation revision. This procedure is designed as per the requirements of the patient. Before undergoing any procedure, we always want to know what recovery looks like, and we are here to tell you that.

Why should you consider a breast augmentation revision?

Many people believe that breast implants need to be changed every 10 years, but that is not true. These are advanced devices that don’t come with an expiry date. Doctors from one of the leading breast implants Sydney clinics maintain that implants can continue to serve you well till they are intact and not causing any trouble. If you don’t like the feel, shape or size of the implant, the augmentation revision procedure should be considered. You don’t need a medical reason to want to change the implant. The surgery can be carried out to suit your aesthetic goals. When there is an implant rupture, it is imperative to undergo the procedure as soon as possible. Concerns like Capsular contracture can go unnoticed for many years and be very mild. Breast augmentation revision should also be considered when the implant is causing discomfort or appears to be asymmetrical.

What does recovery look like?

As people have different goals for undergoing the procedure, the plan is customized per the requirements. Usually, implant surgery is for about 2 hours but is dependent on various factors. After the procedure is done, the breast implant incisions are covered with medical tapes and a gauze dressing. This provides the incision with a cushion and helps to absorb minor bleeding.

For the first couple of days, you will be allowed to take a sponge bath. In the meanwhile, you must protect the incisions. They shouldn’t be submerged or soaked in water. After some time, you will be allowed to take a shower. A list of detailed instructions will be shared with you. Pain medication will be prescribed that will help you to be comfortable and bring down the inflammation. Antibiotics are also prescribed to bring down the chances of any possible infection. You might experience some bruising and swelling, it resolves within the first few days.

It is suggested to take about a week or two off from heavy activities like swimming and working out. Avoid bending over or any activity that can increase your blood pressure. In the meanwhile, it is preferable to have someone around to help you with things like driving and childcare. If there is any special event coming up, speak to the surgeon about the same as they will guide you through the recovery.