Bostonbased 145m nightdragon Partnersbrienventurebeat, Boston-based firm IBoss partnered with NightDragon and raised $145 Million in venture capital. It was a very big deal. Also, Brian from VentureBeat explained it

Boston based firm IBoss partnered with NightDragon and raised $145 Million in venture capital. It was a very big deal. Also, Brian from VentureBeat explained it in detail. The news got viral with the short form Bostonbased 145m nightdragon Partnersbrienventurebeat. NightDragon has a strong track record of developing and publishing successful mobile games, while Brien VentureBeat is well-respected for its coverage of the latest industry news and trends. This partnership is sure to produce great things for the mobile gaming community. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

About deal between Iboss and NightDragon

Iboss continues to fuel global growth with a $145 million round of venture capital. Their SASE platform provides cloud-based security for companies looking to manage their edge networks and points remotely. The traditional methods these businesses have been using are very costly, time consuming, and difficult to deploy- Iboss offers an efficient solution that is quickly becoming the norm across businesses worldwide as remote workforces become more commonplace each day.

Iboss just netted a major boost, courtesy of NightDragon and Francisco Partners. Following the latest round of funding, Iboss is geared up to meet skyrocketing demand due to COVID-19. As if that weren’t impressive enough, 4K customers have entrusted their cybersecurity needs with them – including several Fortune 50 power players!

About Iboss

An increasingly important part of keeping IT systems safe and secure is the implementation of a zero trust cybersecurity strategy. Iboss Zero Trust Secure Service offers organizations of all sizes a complete cloud-delivered security platform that allows better protection against evolving internet threats and ransomware. This service encapsulates best-of-breed technologies such as Secure Web Gateway, Next Gen Firewall, Cloud Access Security Broker, Mobile Security, and User & Entity Behavior Analytics. It makes it possible to achieve high visibility into user activity with integrated reporting & analytics across your network and mobile devices within an easy-to-use dashboard.

With Iboss Zero Trust Secure Service, rest assured that networks are protected from malicious actors through granular control & access policies as well as ongoing risk assessments & remediation plans.

About NightDragon

NightDragon, a premier venture capital firm, has revolutionized the way startups raise capital, making it possible for dreamers, entrepreneurs and visionaries to quickly launch projects that make a lasting impact on the world. With strategic investments in world-changing technology companies plus full support from a top-tier network of operational advisors, NightDragon helps innovators realize their ambitious projects and maximize the success of idea-centered communities. Through its unwavering commitment to understanding and responding to customer needs, NightDragon is becoming an essential resource for entrepreneurs that want to take their ideas from concept to fruition with minimal risk.

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NightDragon Network

The NightDragon Network is a secure, high-speed network that connects businesses and organizations around the world. The network provides users with access to a variety of applications and services, including voice and video conferencing, file sharing, and collaboration tools. The NightDragon Network is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise organizations. The network is available in a number of different packages, each of which offers a different set of features and benefits. The NightDragon Network is constantly expanding its reach, and is currently available in more than 190 countries. Contact us today to learn more about the NightDragon Network and how it can benefit your business.