All about prodeg and its working

Prodeg is company which is based in Curitiba. This city is located in the Brazil. Curitiba is the capital city of Brazilian state of Paraná. Prodeg also provides service in different countries of Latin America. The company has large customer base as it is in business from the last 30 years. It works in different sectors like retail, food, oil and gas, education and many more.

Services provided by the PRODEG


Different  international certifications are required for building a trust in industry. Prodeg provides certification service for quality management, environmental management, business  management, hospital management, food safety, occupational safety and more.

Different environmental certifications like FSC – Chain of Custody Forest Certification, ISO 14001, ISO 14040, ISO 50001 can create good impact on your business.

Different quality management certifications  and system that you can implement with the help of Prodeg are Ishikawa Diagram, IATF 16949, ISO 17025, PBQP-H, ISO 9001, PDCA and 5S Program.


Prodeg also provides service in environmental engineering and safety engineering.

Training and Courses

You can learn different things for your growing business with the help of experts like franchisee management and store network management.

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Sectors in which PRODEG working

Food industry

Food industry is very large sector. If we talk about Brazil then it covers more than 8% of the GDP of Brazil. Prodeg gives many services in food sector. The company can help and guide to get certifications and training like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSSC220001, Risk Management Program NR1, HACCP, MA/SSO Legal Compliance Audit, Evolutionary Quality Program – PEQ and FSSC22000, Processes management, and OHSAS18001.


Education industry

Sports industry

Energy sector



Oil and gas