8 Amazing Ways-How to Prevent External Damage to Cosmetic Products?

The world of cosmetics is a complicated one with many products to choose from. It can be hard to know which ones are best for you, even when the marketing ploys seem too good to be true. One thing that they don’t tell you is how to keep your cosmetics in the best condition without lowering their effectiveness.

The goal of every custom cosmetic boxes is not only to beautify but also to preserve its features. One of the most important factors in this regard is external damage since proper packaging and storage can be a problem for many people.

Since these products can be expensive, it is important that they are cared for properly and used all of the ways up before purchasing a replacement.

Here’s list on how to prevent external damage to cosmetic products:

1) Do not let water get into your product –

This sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised! If you happen to drop your mascara in the sink or bathtub, make sure that it has thoroughly dried before putting it back into its case.

2) Keep your skin clean –

Makeup goes on top of what we call a ‘base’ this base is our skin. If your skin is not cleaned properly before applying makeup, you are putting all of the dirt and oils back onto your face which may result in breakouts.

3) Keep products covered when not in use –

This should be pretty self-explanatory but always replace every protective lid! They are there for a reason. Also keep everything stored out of direct light, or extreme heat or cold (which can damage the product).

4) Store upright –

Keeping your lipsticks, nail polishes, etc upright will decrease possible leakage and avoid unnecessary stress on the bristles/lid etc.

5) Don’t shake your liquids

Shaking anything while it’s wet or has other substances like glitter can get them all mixed up into a big mess. If you want to get rid of something that’s settled or separated, get an old clean butter knife and slide it along the bottom of the bottle between the product and wall so you can remove all of it without getting it everywhere.

6) Use a makeup wipe to take off excess before applying –

This will help avoid dirty brushes or sponges, clogged pumps, etc.

7) Organize your products by use to minimize cross-contamination –

One common allergen for many people is nickel which is found in some metal pans. Avoid letting these metals come into contact with other products if possible or keep them stored separately when not in use. Cleaning should be done regularly as well.

8) Use a makeup wipe to take off excess before applying –

This will help avoid dirty brushes or sponges, clogged pumps, etc. Moisture can be incredibly damaging to makeup especially eyeshadows and liquid foundations. Keep these away from any moisture sources like sinks, showers, or tubs. This will keep your products lasting longer for you.

How packaging can help in saving cosmetic products?

Prevent leakage of your products by keeping their lids tightly shut when not in use. If you are away from home try to keep the containers upright, if possible.  The most damaging elements are air and moisture. Oils can also damage makeup quickly so store them with care as well.

Always packaging can help products from external damage due to the sturdy materials used in it. Change the products immediately, don’t let it stay for a long time without using or if you’ve seen any discoloration.

Touching your products can lead to contamination and transfer of dirt which can make them harmful for use. Avoid this especially if you are sharing makeup with others.  Before taking out makeup, always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This will help prevent germs from spreading onto your face which could cause acne breakouts etc., Pick up your product with clean applicators too especially cotton balls or swabs, rather than fingers so as not to contaminate its quality.

Which material is most suitable for packaging cosmetics?

Cosmetic products need to be well packaged in containers that should be airtight and waterproof. The best material for this is stainless steel because it does not rust, corrode or make any product inside taste like metal. Acrylics can also double up as a good material for cosmetic packaging especially because they do not react with the makeup contents and make them unsafe for use.

How it is helpful during shipping the products?

During shipping, the cosmetic product has to be safe. The makeup should remain intact and not spill out. For such purposes, the best packing is strong and durable cartons that can take in pressure during transportation.

you need to store Cosmetic products properly because exposure to harmful conditions like extreme temperatures can turn even the best ingredients into useless blobs or make them unsafe for use. Only airtight and waterproof containers will ensure that the products remain strong and do not contaminate other cosmetic products during storage.

Packaging help cosmetics to store them away from heat sources such as radiators:

Extreme temperatures can quickly destroy the preservative system included in cosmetic compositions. Heat also facilitates oxidation processes, another reason to keep cosmetics away from heat sources.

A well-packaged cosmetic product should not leak during transportation or storage. The product will be safe if it has placement into an airtight container to avoid contamination with dust and dirt. All packages have an expiration date but only for unopened containers. Once you’ve opened a package, its shelf life decreases considerably so you should consume your cosmetics up rather quickly after opening them.

cosmetic boxes help to keep your products in a cool and dry place:

The box itself will probably have a shelf life of 3-5 years so you can store your products in it temporarily to keep them from exposure to light and air.

Labels on cosmetic products become yellowish with time, due to exposure to sunlight. This is why all new cosmetics should place in a dark place or into another package that has an opaque cover or a dark color.

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The bottom line:

The custom packaging companies near me are multi-billion-dollar businesses, yet it’s also one of the most competitive. To stay ahead in this tough market, you need to take care of your cosmetics. You need to know what will make them last longer and how to use them with other things.