What You Need to Know Before Remodelling Your Bathroom

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, there are several things you need to know before you get started. These topics include materials, layout, budget, and timing. If you’re not sure how to start, read this guide. You’ll be glad you did! Here are some of the most important things to know. Make sure to check the references of the people you hire. They should be licensed professionals, and their licenses will vary from city to city.


When planning a bathroom remodel, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is the layout. What can you change and what can’t? It will determine the layout and overall floor plan of the bathroom. It is also important to understand the essential elements of your home, such as load-bearing walls, plumbing, electrical lines, and foundational cornerstones. Each room requires storage space, and your bathroom is no exception. Bathroom storage includes shelves, counter space, drawers for personal hygiene items, and many other essentials.

Before you begin to design a new bathroom, make sure you consider every square inch of wall space and consult with aquatradeplumbing.com.au. Your bathroom should be a focal point when you enter the room, and your goal is to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace that is as relaxing as possible. Consider the layout of your space and think about how it will function in the future. 


Once you’ve decided on the style and model of your new bathroom, it’s time to start shopping for materials. Begin by making a Pinterest board with bathroom-themed images. Pin everything that inspires you and save your money. Next, consult friends and family for tips on the design you want. While your choice of materials will ultimately depend on your design preferences, it’s important to buy as many materials as possible before starting the project. While some items may be available to purchase immediately, others may need to wait until you’ve finished installing the vanity.

Consider the size of your bathroom. 

Replacing the tub may require ripping out the old subfloor and installing new ones. In addition, the new tub may not fit through the door. Additionally, you may need to replace the existing wiring. You may also need to hire an inspection officer to check the work, so ensure everything is in order before the remodelling process begins.


Bathrooms require intricate plumbing and electrical work, and moisture can be problematic if you don’t take precautions. If you’re painting, make sure you use a mildew-resistant primer. If the bathroom is already in poor shape, you might want to consider replacing some of the fixtures. However, you should always factor in a few extra dollars in case of unexpected costs. Before beginning a bathroom remodelling project, consider the project’s overall cost. 

While you can always DIY your bathroom, you should be aware that a complete renovation can easily cost you over $25,000 in your area. And remember that if you want to save money, you may have to forgo high-end materials and do some work yourself. If you’re looking for a low-cost bathroom remodelling option, you can check out the Cost vs. Value Report published by Remodeling Magazine in 2018. It shows the average price of a thirty-five square-foot bathroom, including all the fixtures and appliances.


The timing of a bathroom can vary greatly. It may take as little as two days to complete a full bathroom remodel, or it could take months to finish a cosmetic renovation. It will all depend on your situation and the type of project you choose. While a small bathroom remodels may take a few days, a complete, strip-to-the-studs reconstruction may take several months. 

Before tearing down the old bathroom, ensure that you have everything in the apartment you’ll be living in for the project’s duration. Once the demolition is complete, the work will begin. You’ll need to be ready for the final product because the construction process won’t stop for materials, design tweaks, or approvals. The entire process can take months, so ensure you have everything in place before the demolition begins. Alternatively, you can hire a bathroom designer to help you.