What to do if you lost keys to apartment – 5 Useful tips

You may have had a long day and can’t wait to get home. However, the frustration is unbearable when you reach home, only to realize that you can’t find your keys. An alternative would be to crash at a neighbor’s or friend’s place. However, you will need a change of clothes for the next day. Here are the tips you may use when you are in this mess.

Seek Help from Property Management

A copy of your apartment keys remains with the property management for emergencies. Even though some managers may charge a fee for the spare key, it is the only sure way to access your place. After accessing your home, you can try to figure out where you left your keys and if you cannot locate them, request another copy from the one in charge of the property. Finding the lost keys after making a copy will still be a win-win for you since you can leave one to a trusted friend in case you misplace it again.

Attempt to Break In

Like the familiar saying, desperate times call for desperate measures; you can make arrangements with the management and find an expert who can help break in. It is not recommended to do it yourself since it may pose various risks, such as getting hurt or coming across as trying to rob. Remember that some damages might occur in the process, necessitating repairs. Moreover, the cost of renovation will be on you. If you had insured the apartment, the insurance provider will cover the costs.

Contact a Locksmith

After all the efforts to access your home without results, the only option would be to call a residential locksmith. Remember that you will be charged for the services. This is only applicable when you prove to them that you’re the real owner. You will be in charge of any damages that might occur during the process. The residential locksmith adheres to some protocols, and some locksmith professionals might not work until they have a green light from the management.

Use Liability Insurance

Liability insurance should be a necessity for everyone. Insure everything in your house, including the keys. Accordingly, whenever you lose your keys, your insurance company will cater for it, including any damages that might arise in reinstating your access. Before signing up for the policy, remember to read all the details, including the fine print, to know what you are getting into.

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File a Police Report

This option only applies if the keys were stolen rather than accidentally misplaced. You should visit your local police department and file a report in case of any theft that might happen in your home. Moreover, you’ll need to provide a police report to your insurance provider for compensation when you lose your property to thieves. Furthermore, you are at risk for identity theft if you lose your ID and keys. A police statement will save you from anything that might arise from the loss.

The frustration of losing your keys can leave you desperate and optionless. The above tips can help you fix the situation.