What is Branded Call Display and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Branded call display (BCD) adds context to mobile calls and prevents spoofers from using your brand name. Adding BCD also helps customers decide if they want to answer the call by displaying information like logo, location, and reason for the call.

This is essential for businesses relying on voice as a primary channel to communicate with customers. The threat of robocalls and scams makes consumers wary of answering unidentified numbers.

Brand Recognition

Branded call display, also known as branded calling, is a technology that lets businesses add context to their incoming calls so consumers know and trust it’s them. It can include full name, location, logo, e-business card, social media links, etc.

With robocalls and spam calls growing in popularity, it can be difficult for consumers to know if a call is legitimate or a scam. 

A branded call display is an innovative solution that allows enterprises across industries to improve their call campaigns by providing helpful identification on the incoming call screen. It helps increase answer rates and reverse revenue loss by returning brand trust to call campaigns.

Improved Answer Rates

A branded call display gives customers the confidence to pick up and answer your calls. This is especially important for businesses requiring personal information from their customers, such as banks or healthcare providers.

Branded caller ID increases answer rates by giving customers confidence and identity and making them more receptive to the information you convey. It’s also a great way to build customer trust and increase customer loyalty.

For many businesses, answering the phones is critical to their success. It helps them to communicate with their customers and keep them up to date on the latest news and offerings from their organization.

However, unanswered or blocked calls can lead to lost opportunities for businesses and their call centers. Fortunately, companies that leverage branded caller ID technology to tell their customers who are calling have seen an average 80% increase in answer rates.

Across delivery businesses, financial institutions, and essential service industries, branded phone calls improve contact rates by up to 200% and boost consumer satisfaction. They’re reducing the risk of spoofing, fraud, and compliance issues while generating more profitable calls and substantial cost savings.

Reduced Spam

Businesses rely on their phone numbers to generate interest, speak to leads, and close deals. But when a number is marked as spam or scam-like, it can devastate their outbound calling campaign.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to decrease your caller’s spam score and stop it from ruining your outbound calls. The first step is to understand what factors are most likely to be flagged by phone carriers as spam.

Each major phone carrier has its unique algorithm to screen inbound calls and assign a spam detection score. This scoring system is based on call volume, answer rate, and duration data.

If you have a lot of these “red flag” variables, you’ll be much more likely to see your numbers marked as spam. For example, if a customer frequently goes unanswered or is in a bad mood when you call them, their algorithm will interpret this as a negative sign.

Another factor to consider is how your employees behave when calling their customers. If they frequently hang up or call them multiple times a day, that can also be flagged as a bad sign for your business.

Branded call display is a great way to get around this issue by letting your customers know who you are and why you’re calling. That helps customers make a more informed decision about answering your call.

Increased Revenue

Branded call display empowers customers to understand who is calling before they answer the phone. That can lead to higher answer rates, increased revenue, and a better customer experience.

BCD also enables businesses to deliver branded calls across carriers without complex integrations. The incoming call screen will also show a 30-character, customized caller ID that your business can control. This can help increase conversions by up to 200% and improve agent productivity.

Using branded caller ID can also reduce spam and robocalls. These calls often need to be identified as legitimate, resulting in a lower response rate.

Another benefit of branded caller ID is that it gives your business a more trustworthy image in the eyes of consumers. The incoming call screen will include a logo, company name, and purpose for the call. This can give your business an edge over spam callers and other unknown numbers seen as a nuisance or scam.

Lastly, branding your calls can increase revenue by making more calls to prospects and existing customers. This can improve your ROI and customer loyalty and help build better word-of-mouth marketing.

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Reverse Revenue Loss

It’s no secret that consumers are less inclined to answer calls from unknown numbers. That’s why a well-designed branded call display with some well-placed text is the ideal way to ensure your audience sees you positively. Adding a little flair to your mobile phone display can make all the difference in your bottom line. For example, a well-executed branded call display can help you reverse a potential revenue loss by ensuring your customer base is aware of your brand before they take their business elsewhere. It can also help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of making a sale. You can even use it to hone your existing customer base into becoming evangelists for your business.