What is a protection against internet hoaxes cyber awareness

What is a protection against internet hoaxes cyber awareness? The answer is, you should use online authority websites to check and confirm. We see internet hoaxes are common nowadays. People spread old news some times that harm some body’s reputation. Also, we see how internet hoaxes can be harmful.

What is a protection against internet hoaxes cyber awareness – Best tips

You should not spread or forward any internet hoax without confirming it is true or not. Best way to search keywords of internet hoaxes with Google and you will get result relevant to it. Then you can visit authority sites or news sites from that search result. This is the best way for a protection against internet hoaxes cyber awareness.

What may be changed in internet hoax?

People change many things in true story to make it viral. Check them below.


Many times people spread old news by making it news. Like some city had flood few years ago in rainy season. People use old videos of flood and spread them as new on internet. This type of hoax can make big mistake and create misunderstanding in people of that city of state.


People spread video of any accident where place can not be identified as different place. This can be also harmful if get viral on internet.

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Use old photos

We see many times to get political benefits or get profit from viral photos or videos, people make change in photos or spread them with different time and date. This types of internet hoax can harm someone’s reputation.

We should never spread hoax without confirming its reality.