What does a good resume look like in 2022?

Resume anticipation is at an all-time high. The job market is less stable than it has been in decades, and that’s leading us toward a future where a good resume is not necessarily enough to get you hired. Good news! This means you’ve got even more opportunities to stand out from the rest of the pack and land your next job. The bad news? It also means that landing your next job is going to require a little extra attention from you. How do you do that? Let’s take a look at what a good resume will look like in 2022.

The key to landing a job in 2022 is content

We’ve been writing about the importance of resume content for a while now; it’s important to remember that resumes are still central to getting hired. The key is to keep all the content relevant to the job you are applying for. Your resume is not a marketing plan for your career — it’s a sales pitch for yourself and your skill set. You must sell yourself and your skills in order to convince hiring managers and recruiters that you are the right fit for their open position and organization.

You’ll need strong branding too

Resume branding is not just about your resume’s content. It is also about how your branding communicates your brand and your image. What is branding? It’s not just about using a logo. It’s about using your logo to communicate a key piece of information about you: your values, your strengths, your values, your personality, etc. For example, one of the key branding ideas that will be baked into resumes is the concept of brand equity. What does that mean?

Robots will weed out the weak

Robots will weed out the weak. We’re already starting to see jobs posted that require the applicant to provide a Resume + Cover Letter + Transcript. This is a sign that robots are starting to weed out the weak from the applicant pool. As more and more people begin to post their resumes online, hiring managers and recruiters will have a much easier time finding the resumes that are most relevant to their job openings.

On top of that, you’ll need solid structure

Your resume structure must be organized, clear, and easy to follow. The structure of your resume will determine how effectively it will communicate your skills to hiring managers and recruiters. The structure of your resume will also determine how effective your branding will be — if it’s disorganized, hiring managers and recruiters will not be able to follow your branding and effectively communicate your brand image to potential employers.

It won’t just be about you anymore. It’ll be about collaboration and development

The final piece of the puzzle is that your resume will need to demonstrate your collaborative and developmental skills. That’s the new catchphrase that employers are going to be specifically looking for on your resume. Instead of just exploring where you’ve been in your career, you’ll need to demonstrate how you’ve grown and developed as an employee. What does this look like?

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With all of these alterations, a new type of resume will probably be most effective in 2022 for obtaining a job. There will be a new resume in 2022 that emphasizes content, strong branding, a solid structure, and collaborative and developmental skills. In 2022, you won’t be the only one who wants a job. The new resume will be about collaboration and development. Which type of resume will be most effective? There are a few ideas. A hybrid resume that blends the old and new resume designs will be the most effective method of acquiring a job. The hybrid resume is the best of both worlds: it is modern and well-written. It combines a concise and easy-to-follow structure with the advantages of being new and well-written. With all of these alterations, we can anticipate a fresh type of CV to be the most suitable job-hunting tool. To get a job in 2022, you have to be able to produce content, establish a solid structure and have collaborative and developmental abilities. The new CV won’t just be about you. It will be everything about you.