Top tips for restaurant etiquette

One of the most important rules of restaurant etiquette is showing up on time when you have a reservation. Additionally, guests are expected to treat restaurant staff respectfully, so being late is a major no-no. Here are a few tips for restaurant dining etiquette.

Make sure to arrive early

First and foremost, make sure to arrive early. If you’re running late, inform the restaurant. If you’re not happy with the service, make sure to let your server know. A negative comment can make the host feel uncomfortable, and it also shows rudeness. 

Also, wait staff should dress well and be attentive without being intrusive. Avoid wearing distracting perfume or touching your food. Also, make sure to adjust the apron out of sight of guests. If you’re unsure of the appropriate table manners, consult the restaurant’s handbook. Lastly, it’s best not to discuss work matters during dinner. Remember, restaurant etiquette creates a pleasant dining experience for your guests.

Providing great service in a restaurant

In a recent Customer Experience Report, rude and sluggish service was the number one reason customers abandoned a brand, and it is 18% more often than slow service. Great customer service can make or break a restaurant, and providing great service in a restaurant starts with assessing what your customers want and need.

Pairing wines with food

Wine and food pairings involve more than complementary flavours. The right wine for the occasion can depend on your tastes, the mood of the people you’re with, and the occasion itself. 

Regarding pairing wine and food in restaurant etiquette, remember that a lighter and more delicate dish should be paired with a light or fresh wine, while a heavier, more robust dish should be paired with red wine. Many menu choices are true, and the exact pairing is subjective. However, it’s best to ask your server for recommendations.

Food and wine are often paired with similar flavour profiles to maximize the experience of the dishes. A bitter, rich, or sour food will need a wine with more balance. Try a fruity white wine with a tangy, acidic dish. Pairing wine with an earthy dish will emphasize its taste. You may also want to pair a rose with a light and earthy meal.

It’s good to ask for suggestions on which wine to pair with your food. This way, you’ll be more likely to receive suggestions that match your taste. When paired properly, pairing wine and food will make your meal taste better. 

Proper table etiquette at a business meal

Guests need to know the proper etiquette when attending a business meal at a restaurant. Guests should only order drinks when the host specifically requests them. Guests need to observe basic table etiquette during the meal, such as placing their napkins on their laps at the beginning and leaving them there until the end. 

While eating, avoid blowing your nose and picking your teeth. You should also avoid talking while eating. Instead, use utensils and chew your food slowly. Don’t let anyone else know that you’re chewing your food! If you must wipe your mouth, always place it on a napkin and excuse yourself to use the restroom. 

When dining with a business client or co-worker, remember to make reservations at Circa Rooftop Bar for the meeting. It is also better to ask for a table away from other guests, especially if the meeting is private. You can also arrive early to the meeting and inform the server that you’re paying.

When leaving the table after a meal, you can fold the napkin in half or quarters. Place the folded napkin on the chair or table to the left of the dinner plate. If you have a lot of business with the people at the table, don’t leave your napkin in your lap, which could make you look rude. As a host, don’t let your guests complain about their service.

When dining at a restaurant, there are some basic etiquette rules that everyone should abide by. Keeping these rules in mind when dining out can prevent any embarrassing situations. Here are a few mistakes to avoid while dining out. Sometimes, you can even take an etiquette lesson from the restaurant itself. It is also important to remember that touching food with your hands is not polite and is considered bad table manners.