Top tips for choosing the best shooting and hunting earplugs

There are several factors to consider when buying shooting and hunting earplugs. The best ear plugs should have active hearing protection to improve your ability to hear the sounds surrounding you. In addition to blocking out gun sounds, active earplugs can also help you hear other sounds, such as an approaching game. They allow you to hear ambient sounds while blocking out the sounds of the firearm. But which type is right for you? Follow these tips to get the best hunting and shooting ear plugs.

Foam earplugs

Depending on the purpose of your shooting or hunting activity, you can select one suitable for your environment. The earplugs should be able to expand fully in 15 seconds, so they will not fall out or cause discomfort. They should fit comfortably in medium to large ears without interfering with the quality of sound you’re trying to capture. They should also stay in place while you’re hunting and won’t interfere with your hearing.

When shopping for shooting and hunting earplugs, choose one with a nonlinear design. Nonlinear HPDs let soft sounds pass through while blocking out loud sounds. They are also often made of synthetic materials rather than electronic. Make sure you pick a pair with filters rather than mechanical valves, as mechanical valves don’t close fast enough to protect your hearing effectively.

Custom shooter earplugs

Custom shooter earplugs for hunters and shooters are custom-made ear plugs to fit the user’s ears and protect them from harmful and sudden loud noises. The latest developments in electronic hearing protection are featured in the SoundGear family of products, which are 100 percent digital and incorporate sound-activated compression and seamless digital technology to suppress loud noises effectively. If you don’t wear proper hearing protection, you could be in for a permanent loss of hearing. The Military and Police Forces utilize custom shooter earplugs for hunting and shooting to protect their hearing. These earplugs can be comfortable, practical, and effective.

Other custom shooter earplugs include electronic earplugs and full-custom-moulded shooting earplugs. The electronic shooter earplugs use digital sound technology to compress the noise above the harmful decibel level and improve the quieter levels. These are smaller than earmuffs and can even reduce white noise from the surroundings. For added convenience, you can buy reusable shooter earplugs made of foam, structured silicone, or putty-like material. The noise-reduction rating on the product will give you an idea of how much noise the earplug can reduce.

Surefire EP3 Sonic Defenders

The SureFire EP3 Sonic Defenders have seven points of contact with the ear and are ergonomically shaped for comfort. The EP3s reduce potentially harmful noises by at least 24 dB. The earpieces’ soft material and ergonomic design make them easy to wear and do not interfere with hearing protection. So, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about damaging your hearing.

The EP3 Sonic Defenders also help protect against ambient noise. These shooting and hunting ear plugs are compatible with select radio communication systems. For example, you can use them with a Thales Covert Security Harness and Harris Security Force Communication Set. They are also compatible with Motorola Surveillance Kits. These shooting and hunting earplugs are available in different styles and colours.

Howard Leight’s New Impact Sport earmuffs

These hearing protection devices from Howard Leight offer great features at a very affordable price. These earmuffs increase safe sounds like range commands by up to four times so you won’t miss a meaningful sound. The ear cushions are ultra-slim, so they fit comfortably over long guns. The cups are durable and come in an array of new colours. They also feature a volume control knob that mimics that found on Audi dashboards. The Impact Sport Bluetooth electronic earmuffs can be purchased in four colours. The earmuffs are for shooting and hunting and will fit under various helmets.

Quiet Band earplugs

Howard Leight Quiet Band reusable ear plugs are lightweight and easy to insert, and they have an NRR of 25 and a comfortable, reusable foam ear pod. The band design prevents the ear plugs from touching dirt or surfaces while reducing noise. 

Despite its reputation as a great way to protect your hearing during a shooting and hunting experience, these earplugs have some disadvantages. One of the most significant is that they cover only the canal behind the ear, not the bones behind it. It means they are not suitable for prolonged exposure to loud gunfire, and they are not compatible with over-the-ear muffs.

If you are a professional shooter, custom-fitted earplugs are an excellent choice. These are made of a mould of your ear canal by a hearing healthcare professional. Earplugs with electronic components compress sound at dangerous decibel levels and enhance quieter levels. Electronic shooter earplugs, which are the most expensive, are typically around $200-400. They can be corded or non-corded.