Top 6 Tips to Win a Bicycle Accident Claim

Over the years, cycling has gained popularity worldwide. In Buckhead, some people cycle as an exercise to stay fit, while others cycle for health necessities. The rise translates to many bicycle crashes, with most victims being teens and young adults. After a bicycle-related accident in Atlanta’s Buckhead, you’re eligible for compensation. The following are six handy tips to help you win your bicycle accident claim.

1. Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Hiring professional bicycle lawyers like Buckhead Law Saxton Firm, P.C is one of the ultimate tips to reap appropriate compensation. Lawyers with years of experience will help you assemble proof and set you up for legal questioning. However, it’s recommended to take your time before settling on one. And, for a sure bet, ask for referrals from family, local Buckhead residents, and clients with success stories.

2. Understand Your Eligibility Limits

Road users must always observe a duty of care to ensure others are safe while cycling or driving in Buckhead. Each driver, therefore, must obey the basic traffic rules and regulations to minimize road accidents. You have the right to fight for justice when one violates these obligations and causes a bicycle accident. Eligibility differs from one insurer in Buckhead to another, with each setting pre-agreed limits and compensation estimates.

How Much Can You Receive From a Cycling Accident Claim?

Surprisingly, there’s no fixed compensation amount that you should receive after a bicycle accident. The amount will be a sum of either of the following considerations:

  • Physical injury severity
  • Current and future medical care estimates
  • Pain and suffering
  • Type of injury
  • Lost income through unemployment or absence

Therefore, contact your insurer after the accident to check your eligibility before starting your claim process.

3. As for Help if Necessary

Atlanta road accidents leave more than just physical scars and financial losses. Consider reaching out for help if the accident severely hurt your body. Be sure to express your worries to your doctors, attorneys, counselors, and family members. They will give you tips to recover fast physically, emotionally, and psychologically after the accident.

4. Stay Organized

Winning a bicycle accident claim is unveiled after different elements align. However, you must play your part for the utmost benefit. Therefore, stay prepared to present yourself or the required evidence. Also, have all the documents and paperwork readily available for reference.

5. Present Truthful Facts

When you’re partially one to blame, it’s tempting to give false statements about the accident if there’s no witness. However, that’s not the right thing to do. Under contributory negligence, you stand a compensation chance provided the other at-fault driver caused your bicycle accident. Either way, give facts to your lawyer, at-fault driver’s insurer, or other regulators. It’s worth noting that the amount awarded as compensation may be reduced to reflect your injury responsibilities.

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6. Observe the Set Time Limits

After the accident, it’s recommendable to start your compensation claim immediately. Usually, many states allow adult bicycle accident victims to file a claim within 2 years after the accident. When an accident involves an underage child, find a litigation friend to represent them in legal matters. You automatically lose your suing rights if this time elapses and you don’t report the issue.  However, there’s no time limit if you claim compensation for someone without a mental capacity.

Every bicyclist victim wishes to win a bicycle accident claim. But the law favors you more if you’re adequately prepared for the win. After the accident, hire a competent lawyer, stay up to date, and make a claim within the stipulated time. Once you settle the above tips, you’re sure you won’t miss your compensation rights.