The Dos and Don’ts of Wallscape Advertising

Wallscape advertising is a fascinating form of marketing that offers organizations a ton of flexibility in their creation. Wallscape ads are specifically advertisements that appear on the side of a building and typically rise several stories in height. This makes a wallscape ad difficult to ignore on the consumer side of things. There are a few different ways to incorporate wallscape advertising into your overall marketing strategy, and each of them is based on the concept of OOH marketing. 

Out of home marketing, or OOH marketing, is any form of marketing or advertising that occurs outside of the home. These types of advertisements also typically take a more traditional form. In other words, these are typically stagnant ads instead of mobile ads, or other forms of digital marketing. Despite that, some forms of OOH do make use of more modern day technologies. For instance, some billboards make use of 3D technology or are even interactive.

All-in-all, though, wallscape advertising typically doesn’t involve very much high-powered tech, if there is any involved whatsoever. 

Understanding Wallscape Advertising

As mentioned above, wallscape advertising is a form of OOH advertising. This means it is specifically meant to be consumed outside of the household. Wallscape advertising is also meant to be eye-catching and inspiring. While there are a few different formats that wallscape advertising can take, the most common is that of a painting or mural. 

Wallscape advertising offers the organization and the developing brand a ton of creativity and flexibility in how they design the wallscape ad. There are many popular places that wallscape advertising can pop up, and these are typically highly-trafficked areas. 

Downtown shopping centers and on the side of highways are two of the most popular spaces where consumers come across wallscape ads because of the high-traffic they attract. Not only that, but wallscape advertisements can be breathtaking, inspiring, and should aim to drive consumer behavior in one facet or another. 

By placing a wallscape advertisement in a downtown shopping area, consumers will be intrigued and want to learn more about the brand behind the wallscape. Despite the massive amount of time, energy, and effort that goes into planning a well-executed wallscape advertisement this form of marketing offers a huge ROI. 

Passerby’s and other consumers who come across your wallscape ad could have their interest piqued by the wallscape and may suddenly convert to a customer of your brand. This is also a really great way to drum up excitement about a coming product or service that hasn’t yet been released. Ultimately, wallscape advertising makes for a unique and interesting advertising medium that not many organizations utilize. By integrating a wallscape advertising campaign into your marketing strategy your brand can stand out from all of your competition. 

In the supersaturated economy that persists today, having an extra advantage on competitors is never a bad thing. 

Wallscape Advertising Design

The design and planning that goes into a wallscape advertising is intense. Some wallscape advertisements are made from massive vinyl canvases that are stacked on top of one another. Others are painted directly onto the side of the building itself. This is another fun and unique aspect in wallscape advertising design.

Almost no two buildings are identical. On top of that, the building sizes in different business districts also vary. As such, no two wallscape advertisements are designed the same, or take the same shape. In fact, many wallscape advertisements adapt to the shape of the building on which they’re posted. 

Even though wallscape advertising is meant to cast a rather wide net when it comes to consumers, it can still be helpful to have an understanding of the general consumer base in the surrounding area of a potential wallscape ad. This can help better direct the vision of the wallscape ad and the marketing strategy all together. 

Financing Wallscape Advertising

The finances it takes to fund a wallscape advertising campaign is extremely variable. There are a lot of factors that come into play such as building size, location, and the design itself. As such, there’s not really a general price-range that wallscape advertising falls into. 

However, wallscape advertising is typically more expensive than traditional billboard advertising, if that gives some context. This is because of the unique nature that wallscape advertising presents, as well as the artistic element involved in the creation. Not to mention wallscape ads can attract a much higher volume of consumers than traditional billboards can. 

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The Benefits of Wallscape Advertising

There are a lot of benefits that wallscape advertising brings to a modern day organization. Not only are wallscape ads interesting and eye-catching to the consumer, they can also become a bit of a cultural destination. A well designed wallscape ad can almost become a piece of art in a community that attracts a certain amount of tourist attention. 

If you want to make a splash with your next ad, consider wallscape advertising.