The Benefits of Using Podcasting Platforms for your Company

Every day, we see more people using podcasts in large companies for communications. People now require more engaging communication methods, and nobody wants to sit and read a 7-paged weekly newsletter.

Communication demands have changed, and podcasting is the trending solution. What more people like is how easy it is to set up corporate podcast ideas for the company.

All that’s required is to find a network hosting like Podbean’s enterprise podcast, and you’re set. You can then start sending internal company podcasts to employees. Interested in learning more? This guide explains the benefits of using podcasting platforms. Keep scrolling!

What are podcasting platforms?

Podcasting platforms are website hosts that allow users to upload their audio content while providing RSS feeds for distribution to other famous directories. These platforms often have ample media storage space for downloads and on-site plays and offer embedded links for the company’s website.

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8 benefits of using podcasting platforms for your company

We already discussed how podcasting platforms ease internal company podcasts’ upload and distribution process. Let’s also evaluate the advantages of implementing one for your company.

1. Offers more convenient communication methods

Establishing a platform for internal communication podcast ideas offers convenience in disseminating vital company information. Employees are sometimes so occupied that they don’t have enough time to check through every email.

Eventually, they miss out on important updates. But having an internal employee podcast solves that. Employees and your target listeners can listen to uploaded episodes regardless of where they are. They only have to listen and can do that while carrying out other tasks.

Creating the internal company podcast is pretty simple and convenient too. Simply learn how to record a podcast while automating the other steps for experts to edit and upload.

2. Increased web traffic

Using podcasting platforms for your company can also widen your prospects’ reach and generate higher website traffic. Provided your corporate podcast ideas are helpful, you grow a following and have more listeners interested in your podcasts.

The higher your active listeners, the better your chances of converting them to customers. Build your website engagements by embedding podcast links on the company’s page and social media channels.

Another podcast content strategy is transcribing the podcasts to blog posts. You could even include adverts for new products on each podcast episode, but you need active listeners to make it count.

3. Build your brand

Small businesses can consider internal company podcast as a way to build their brand and enhance the company’s culture. People get to know what your business represents and what they can expect when they patronize you.

The general advertising trend is marketing your products and their potential benefits. Everyone does that! And that’s why a different approach, like podcasting platforms, is an excellent idea.

When you host shows on “how-to guides” and solve practical problems that prospects experience, you build authority and a unique presence in the business space. Customers get to trust you. You become their source of helpful product insights, and they won’t hesitate to patronize your brand.

4. Podcasting content is more engaging

Do you know that 54% of podcast listeners would likely patronize a brand they hear advertised? It’s the power of engaging podcasting communications. That number explains those who will follow the podcast’s affiliate links, and the reasons are simple.

People buy from those they trust, and what better way is there than using audio to talk to your prospects? When properly recorded, it’s almost like you are speaking directly with the audience. They can feel the honesty or emotions in your words, which are necessary for sales persuasion.

5. Employee onboarding, training & development

Another way to enjoy podcasting platforms in your company is by implementing them for employee onboarding, training, and development programs. Instead of organizing long onboarding events each time you make a new hire, a simple but evergreen internal company podcast would do the trick.

Create internal podcasts for employees as audio series that contain relevant work skills and use them to introduce upcoming developmental courses. You could also integrate internal employee podcasts with existing learning management systems.

6. Connect your remote workers

Communication between teams is usually more effective between members on-site, and the reasons are plausible. Distance, varying time zones, and the absence of one-on-one proximity are some of the causes of low communication with remote workers.

They can find it difficult to attend group meetings as it might fall on odd hours for them. But setting up a simple podcasting platform in your company solves all that.

Your remote workers now receive information in real-time and in a more engaging format than others. You could even organize a series where they share work experiences with on-site team members.

7. Happier work environment & increased productivity

People do their best when they are happy, and internal employee podcasts are just one technique for achieving that. Start by organizing a work lifestyle series that allows employees to narrate their experiences.

Sharing internal communications podcast ideas indeed strengthens the bond between management and employees. They feel their voices are heard, everyone is happy, and there is increased productivity.

8. Measure the performance of your podcasts

Asides from being a more engaging communication solution, podcasting platforms also offer analytics to check how information is shared. You get statistical insights on how many people listened to the internal employee podcast episodes, the type of devices used, the most viewed episodes, etc.

That makes it easy to predict what employees are interested in learning about and ensure team updates get to everyone. Those using podcasts in large companies for communications will undoubtedly enjoy the benefit of podcasting platforms. However, before subscribing to it, you must verify that a platform has enough supportive features.

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As we’ve discussed, podcasting platforms promise many benefits for more effective and engaging company communications. Ensure information and team updates get to everyone when you use one today.

Still trying to decide which platform best suits your business? Check online and compare their features. Podbean is our top choice, but we advise you to compare outlined features for what works best.