The Benefits of Regularly Replacing Your HVAC Filter

Having a quality HVAC filter is essential for keeping your air conditioning and heating system running efficiently. Not only does a good filter help improve indoor air quality, but it also helps protect your HVAC system and reduce energy consumption. Regularly replacing your filter will ensure that it is doing its job, and can help you save energy and money in the long run.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

A standard 20x23x1 air filter will help your system remove particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander from the air. This can help reduce allergens and other irritants in the air, creating a healthier environment for you and your family. In addition, it can also help reduce the amount of dust that accumulates on your furniture and other surfaces in your home.

Protects Your HVAC System

When your filter is clogged and dirty, it can restrict the airflow through your HVAC system, causing it to work harder and use more energy. This can cause your system to wear down more quickly and need more frequent repairs. Replacing your filter regularly will help keep your system running efficiently and reduce the need for costly repairs. For that you can contact Cincinnati Trane HVAC dealer.

Saves Money on Energy Costs

A clogged filter can make your HVAC system run less efficiently, leading to higher energy bills. Replacing the filter regularly will help your system run more efficiently and reduce energy costs. It’s also important to note that some filters have higher minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) ratings, which can help your system run even more efficiently.

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Replacing your HVAC filter regularly is an important part of maintaining your heating and cooling system. It helps improve indoor air quality, protect your system from damage, and save you money on energy costs. For best results, be sure to choose a filter with a high MERV rating and replace it every three months or as needed.