Should You Hire a Lawyer to Fight Your Traffic offence?

Hiring a lawyer to defend you in court will often lower your fines and penalties. When you represent yourself, you don’t scare prosecutors or fight hard. Prosecutors also know they can’t bully you and are more likely to cave to your lawyer’s plea bargains. However, it’s still worth your while to hire a lawyer.

Reasons to hire a traffic attorney

Hiring a traffic attorney to fight your traffic offence is usually a wise decision for various reasons. First, an attorney is much more knowledgeable about local laws and court operations than you are, which means they will know what defences to use and how to present them to the court. Second, hiring an attorney means you won’t have to worry about your day-to-day operations while your attorney is on the scene fighting your case. And last but not least, hiring an attorney can help save you money.

Cost of hiring a traffic lawyer

Hiring a traffic lawyer will cost you at least $200. You’ll also be required to pay a court fee, which usually ranges from $188 to $263. The higher end of that range usually has a traffic attorney specialising in traffic ticket defence, while lower-end attorneys don’t specialise in this area. Regardless of your pay, you’ll get the representation you deserve.

A traffic lawyer will also represent you in the courtroom if you are arrested for a traffic violation. These professionals can help you avoid points on your licence, get the fine reduced or even get the charges dropped. A traffic lawyer will be able to consult with other legal professionals to find the best solution for you. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on more pressing matters. A traffic lawyer will take care of the details, and you’ll enjoy a smoother, more relaxed process.

Negotiating with the prosecutor before a traffic violation

A traffic violation you admit to could come back to haunt you at trial. Even if you’re the victim of a traffic law violation, the prosecutor is not your attorney, and you don’t have attorney-client privilege, so the prosecution will be able to use any statements you make in court against you.

While traffic court is not conducive to plea bargaining, it’s essential to come prepared with the evidence to prove your innocence and make your case as best possible in a short amount of time. The judge’s time is limited, and you must make the best case in the shortest time. Therefore, you should decide beforehand whether you want to fight the traffic ticket or plea bargain with the prosecutor. You can reduce the points and fines by apologising for the traffic offence. 

Typical court costs

Typical court costs for a traffic offender vary, but a standard court fine is around $100. However, fine amounts can vary based on the circumstances and facts of your case. Some citations are based on a fixed penalty of $500, while others are based on a range of $200-$2,000. See Payment Options and Fine Amounts for more information on what you can expect.

Defences of a traffic violation

While most traffic violations are quickly resolved, some serious crimes cannot be avoided. In those cases, taking your case to trial may be your only option to avoid points on your driving record. Additionally, each county handles traffic tickets differently. So, you may find yourself in a situation where you cannot get a favourable outcome without hiring a traffic lawyer. However, if you want to avoid the costs of hiring a lawyer, there are a few ways to make the most of your case.

You may have been given a traffic ticket, but the consequences could be worse if it were a more severe offence. If you are found guilty, you may be forced to pay hefty fines and jail time. In such cases, hiring the best traffic lawyers in Sydney is a wise choice. Even if you have a lower traffic violation charge, an attorney can still help you contest the charge without your presence.

Although hiring a traffic lawyer may seem expensive, it is well worth the expense. Hiring a lawyer may save you hundreds of dollars compared to paying a high fine and getting points on your licence. Hiring a traffic lawyer may even avoid jail time and higher auto insurance rates. And the savings on fines and court fees are worth it. If the cost of a lawyer is less than the cost of higher auto insurance, you might want to pay a little extra to resolve your case as quickly as possible.