Serverwala Review: Should You Choose VPS Hosting Australia?


Additional resources and functions are necessary as your website expands. There will come a time when you will need to switch from a shared hosting package to a VPS hosting plan. As the term indicates, VPS/virtual private server hosting is entirely private and dedicated to you. You are not required to share server resources with others.

Every VPS hosting account has its own set of resources, including CPU, bandwidth, and disc space.

Serverwala VPS Hosting Australia guarantees the greatest level of performance and dependability for your website. We’ll go over everything regarding Serverwala’s VPS hosting service in this article. After using Serverwala’s VPS hosting for a high-traffic website, we can confidently say that we have had the finest experience possible. They specialize in shared, VPS, and low-cost dedicated server hosting.

Let’s explore how Serverwala managed to excel in the flexible web hosting business.

Brief of Serverwala

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is one of Australia’s VPS Server hosting services. Which has a longstanding experience in building a brand and winning clients’ confidence. There are various reasons why you should use Serverwala VPS Hosting to manage your website.

Specific services from a VPS Hosting Australia provider may be required by a customer upon finding the limiting factors of shared server services. Amazing performance, solid customer support, quick website loading, but also cost-effectiveness are all factors that Serverwala can provide and more.

With Serverwala VPS hosting, you’ll get all of the key services. It would be completely dependable and they also offered 24/7 customer assistance and a 100% uptime guarantee.


Clients can choose from a variety of packages and plans at Serverwala. These options and services can be personalized to your website’s needs as well as your personal preferences. Serverwala offers a variety of scalable, adaptable, and cost-effective plans and packages. Such plans and packages are designed to give the greatest services while remaining within your budget. As a result, clients will find it simple to select the best plan and packages for their needs. The basic initial plan for VPS Hosting Australia starts at 10$ a month.

What Features Will You Get With Serverwala’s VPS Hosting in Australia

If you want a quick rundown of Serverwala VPS Hosting Australia functionality, check out the list below! These were some of the advantages that Serverwala VPS Hosting provides.


One of the best characteristics of Serverwala is that it is inexpensive. You won’t have to spend a fortune. Serverwala provides a variety of hosting options. Each one’s pricing changes depending on the selected configurations. As a result, finding a plan that meets your budget is simple.

Customizable Operating Systems

For your website, you will be able to specify the operating stem you prefer out of several choices in VPS Australia.

SSH / Root Access

By using Serverwala VPS hosting services, you will learn soon that you also have SSH as well as root access over the server resources.


By monitoring your website regularly, the Serverwala VPS Server Australia guarantees that your website and data are not vulnerable to malware or virus attacks in the future.

Is Serverwala VPS Hosting Provide High Performance?

The performance of your website depends on how quickly it loads. Serverwala is an excellent example of what fast web hosting functionality should look like. Even with their low-cost hosting options, this provider is quite dependable and steady.

Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Australia is based on enterprise-grade hardware and runs on cloud infrastructure.

They also guarantee to provide a 99.90 percent high availability.

Support 24/7

Customer support, calling it “ “Best Support,” is one aspect where Serverwala shines out from the competition. You can reach out to their support staff, who are friendly and eager to help you with any hosting concerns.

They can be reached via email or chat support. All consumers will receive priority service, according to the business. Serverwala will never let you down! Self-help is also available, with hundreds of blogs to assist you in resolving issues on your own in Australia VPS Server.

About Uptime

Uptime is a helpful metric to use to decide whether a host is worth considering as a possible residence for your website. We prefer to work with a web hosting company that guarantees 99.9% uptime over a year. Serverwala promises a 99.90 percent uptime guarantee. They make sure that the system is accessible on the internet at all times. You receive the best uptime with their highly efficient data centers.

Overall, Serverwala provides excellent uptime for all types of websites.

Data Center Locations

Serverwala operates data centers in nearly every major city and country. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong, Australia, and Switzerland are among these countries.

Website owners can choose the data center that is nearest to their consumers, ensuring that their pages load quickly.

Overview of VPS Hosting Features

Solid-State Disks (SSDs)

For improved performance and dependability, Serverwala VPS Hosting Australia uses SSDs. SSD discs are both quick and long-lasting. It makes use of flash technology to speed up the loading of your website’s pages.

Unlimited Website Hosting

Serverwala, like other web hosts on the market, allows you to host all of your websites on the very same Cheap Australia VPS hosting account. It means that a particular virtual private server can host and manage several websites.

Infrastructure Support

Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Australia infrastructure was developed in partnership with industry leaders such as Dell, HP, Supermicro, as well as Cisco. You can trust Serverwala’s cutting-edge servers when you manage your website with them.


Managing a successful company is difficult, but you can get the most out of your website by using a web hosting provider like Serverwala.

So those are the advantages of Serverwala VPS Hosting Australia, and now you know how to host several websites. Serverwala is a good option if you want a dependable and one of the leading VPS server providers at a low price. There are numerous plans available, and you can select the best one for both you and your site needs. It’s past time for you to purchase a VPS Hosting service because it has so many advantages.