Retirement Travel Ideas

When working, retirement can feel like a long time coming, yet, when it arrives, it can feel like it snuck up on you. Upon retiring, people are often left wondering “what now?” Well, retirement presents you with the perfect opportunity to travel and discover parts of the world that you may never have even heard of before. Regardless of age, traveling can be a simultaneously daunting and rewarding experience, which is why it’s a good idea to gather some ideas and plans in advance. Listed below are some of the top retirement travel ideas to make the process as seamless as possible.

Make a Bucket List

The first thing that you should do when considering traveling is make a bucket list for your travel goals and try to be as specific as possible. Not only should your bucket list contain your favorite destinations, but it should also detail how frequently you’re looking to travel and how you’re going to do so. For instance, some people will take advantage of last-minute deals at random locations, whereas others plan every detail very far in advance. Similarly, you’ll need to consider who you’re going to travel with, as well as your reason for traveling. 

Communicate with Your Party

Once you have decided who you’re going to travel with, it’s time to communicate with your party. Studies have shown that spouses especially have trouble communicating about financial planning. This is particularly true if the couple haven’t discussed what they want out of retirement, as people have different ideas of what retirement should look like. If your intention is to travel with your spouse, you should ensure that travel is something that your other half is also interested in. It’s a good idea to have these conversations ahead of retirement so that you know where you stand.

Consider Exotic Locations

As previously mentioned, the notion of travel can be a daunting one, which is why retirees are often deterred from exotic locations. Despite this, avoiding these locations could be a real mistake, as it’s likely that you’ve already seen a lot in your life by the time you reach retirement. Therefore, you may use your retirement to see things that you’ve never seen before; not only can this provide you with a fresh perspective, but new experiences are proven to keep your mind active. This type of adventure is essential to keeping you young!

Find Senior Discounts on Airfare and Hotels

One of the biggest perks to traveling during retirement is that you’re able to obtain some of the biggest deals with the help of a senior discount. From airfare to hotels, many industries in the travel sector are abundant in deals that can knock a generous 20% off your travel outgoings. Some airlines that offer senior citizen airfare include Delta Airlines, Southwest, and British Airways. Similarly, most hotel chains offer a senior rate that provides you with at least 10% off. These little discounts can really add up, leaving you with more spending money to use on your travels. 

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Hit the Road

As a senior citizen, airports can often present you with unnecessary stress, meaning that 24% of senior citizens deem an RV trip to be appealing at this stage of their lives. In fact, as of recent, RV sales have been skyrocketing and most of the buyers are between the ages of 50 and 69. RVs are essentially transportation and accommodation rolled into one, allowing for a completely seamless experience. Whether you’re away for a day, a few weeks, or even a matter of months, RVs may just be the way forward for your journey.