Pamper and protect your feet with eco-friendly floorings

Are you seeking an alternative to permanent wooden flooring that does not shrink due to harsh weather or has a chemical coating that is not eco-friendly? Is your hunt still ON for a flooring solution that is portable and fits your car trunk? Well, if you feel these features are too much to ask for then check the Thermo-treated outdoor wood mat that go beyond your expectations. 

What are Roll floors?

Roll-out mats are simpleflooring solutions that are suitable for diverse surfaces and weather conditions. Let’s know about this wonder product. 

Roll Floors are one of the best contemporary sustainable flooring solutions that can cover any uncomfortable surfaces. These are in addition to the existing flooring so, you can use these as an extra cover over concrete, ceramic, grass, wooden decks, boardwalks, sand, and carpets. There are plenty of options available as these wooden door mats are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor flooring additions. The rollout mats are great for use in RVs also as runners and rugs. Read on the feature to explore more:

Features of Roll out mats

  • The RV rugs are 100% Green Thermo-treated wood.
  • Each plank comes with a special oil application on all the sides that gives it longevity of 25 years.
  • A premium quality EPDM backing material holds all the planks together.
  • The patio matsare weather-resistant, anti-slip, and non-marking.
  • The sizes are custom cut,so these suit plethora of surfaces. 

Compatible areas for coverage

These outdoor runners are not just suited for outdoors but very much appropriate for indoor spaces. Here are a few surfaces you can cover with the wooden mats:

  • Concrete floors like basements 
  • Wet areas like bathroom and kitchen
  • Extreme wet surfaces like pool spaces
  • Open areas like balconies and porches
  • Semi-open spaces like old decks
  • Natural surfaces like gardens and grassy patches
  • Partial flooring for RV and recreational areas

Why roll out or RV mats? 

There are severalsignificant reasons why you must invest in these Thermo-treated wooden rugs. Here are the major advantages:

  • Simple and convenient designs
  • Temporary and permanent flooring solutions
  • Easy to roll in, pack, and store
  • 100% Eco-friendly 
  • Zero chemicals so, great with children and elderly
  • Weather-resistant adds durability 
  • Anti-slip makes it perfect for wet surfaces
  • Lightweight and fits in a car truck, under the bed, or inside the cupboard
  • With UV protection coating
  • 25 years warranty against decay and damage
  • Portable and comes inside a handy bag

Another worth mentioning benefit of these rollout floorings is the ease of maintenance. You can just use light sandpaper #80 to get back the faded color. The discoloration may result from extreme heat and sunlight. Change of the plank color does not alter the features and advantages of the product.

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Get the sample!

Ask for your sample to get the actual feel of the product. Every pamphlet comes with 8 in. long plank that has stapled rubber piece. So, when you receive the product sample, you can maker smarter decisions.

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