List of shopping malls, pharmacies, groceries, and convenience stores open on Easter Sunday in San Antonio. 

The specialty of Easter lies in the Bible Testament that shows Jesus got arrested by a Roman authority that crucified him. Three days of resurrection marks Easter Sunday all over the world. It concludes the Passion of Christ that starts with fasting.

Disciples fast for 40 days, and it gets followed by the holy week. It includes Holy Thursday. 

It marks the Last Supper of Jesus and Good Friday when he got crucified. No doubt that it’s a sacred day. 

You want to spend time with your close ones. 

several non-religious festivals get separated on easter morning from egg hunting to 

Easter Bunny that gives chocolate and gifts to the kids. 

You must be planning something special for the occasion. If you are planning to move out for shopping, movie theatres and all, you should note the hour information of local stores. 

Knowing the operating hour information of nearby stores ensures that you don’t miss out on anything. If you want to decorate rooms with fabric colors, you can buy a laser level zone To get your work done.

Do you know whether the CVS store in your locality will open on Easter Sunday or not? In case you don’t know, there is nothing to worry about. got you covered and will present you with the list of openings on Easter Sunday. Are you willing to find stores open on Easter Sunday? Due to the pandemic outbreak majority of the Businesses based in San Antonio remain closed. Hopefully, the situation will change this year.

Will CVS open on Easter Sunday?

CVS Pharmacy, the American retail enterprise war 24 hours Day. It will open on Easter Sunday. Click here to know more about the hour information of the retail store.

Will Home Depot open on Easter Sunday?

It is one of the largest American home renovation stores Located in the United States. As per sources, Thanksgiving day and Christmas Day are the only occasions when it shuts. It is open throughout the year. Don’t forget to check your local store Finder before heading out.

·  Kroger: Stores open for normal hours. Drug stores shut. Snap here to see your nearby store’s hours. 

·  Sprouts: We called our closest store to check. Snap here for working hours called out on the affiliation’s site (working hour information of Easter isn’t available here) 

·  Trader Joe’s: Stores are open. Snap here to declare for your closest store. 

·  Walgreens: Stores are open anyhow indicated by the Walgreens site, Walgreen store working hours might change. 

·  Walmart: Walmart is relied on to be open on Easter Sunday. Snap here to build up your Walmart. 

·  Whole Food: Standard Sunday hours – we called to insist on our closest store. Discover yours at this affiliation.

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Final Words 

Note that you can’t avoid visiting retail stores on days like Easter Sunday. To ensure that you can get services on time, look at the working information of Local stores Survey. It will save you time.

You can spend the day as you want.

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