Know about a wide variety of floral species that exist in India.

India is a multifaceted country. Well you’ll find a wide variety of tropical and subtropical plants. India is a land of different sceneries; you’ll discover green mountains, blue seas, and yellow sandy deserts here, hence the flower diversity of this country varies from state to state due to soil quality. When we think of sending a red rose online to someone, we usually think of roses or orchids, which are both excellent gifting alternatives, but there are other flowers that bloom in India and are used for various purposes from time to time. However, prominent flower varieties are no longer available in the wild in India as a result of recent economic growth. In India’s wildflowers, gardens, and parks, numerous flower kinds can still be found. In India, there are a few native flower species that can be found in the country’s parks and gardens. Here’s an entire list of them, as intriguing as it may sound. Following are some flower species: 


India and other Southeast Asian countries are home to orchids. These blooms were discovered in Singapore more than a century ago. This bloom can currently only be found in a few spots due to the country’s rising urbanization. Many distinct kinds of this plant can be found in nature, as well as many other species of flowers with red or brown stripes and yellow or cream petals, such as orchids. There are a variety of additional species that can be grown in a safe setting.


It’s found in Southeast Asian countries like India. This is a common flower that may be found all throughout the country. The yellow bloom has a crimson ‘eye’ and is shaped like a typical hibiscus. Other color varieties of these blossoms, on the other hand, may vary. It has a brief life span because it blooms in the morning and the petals wilt the same evening or the following morning. Hibiscus has a wide range of applications due to its therapeutic characteristics.


Southeast Asian countries, such as India, are home to it. This is a common flower in the United States. The bloom is yellow with a crimson ‘eye’ and has a hibiscus-like shape. On the other hand, other color variants of these blooms may exist. It has a short lifespan since the petals wilt the same evening or the next morning after blooming in morning. Because of its medicinal properties, hibiscus has a wide range of applications.


The lotus is one of the most prominent flowers in India when it comes to flowers. After all, it is the national flower, and it is also highly lucky. The ordinary water bulbous lotus and the land shrub lotus species are the two forms of lotuses that are commonly seen. You can also get your online flower delivery from a renowned service provider. 


Another popular Indian flower. The joyous and general appeal of this flower is well-known. All significant occasions are commemorated with marigolds. This kind has a strong scent and a vibrant color.


Another flower that grows all year in India, but is normally planted in the winter or fall. They are bright and vivid, making them an excellent addition to any garden. They’re also referred to as valley flowers!


A lovely addition to any garden. Dahlias are beautiful and graceful flowers. In India, they’re also noted for being excellent summer flowers. Gardeners take great care to develop this bloom because it is frequently featured in flower competitions.


These flowers are commonly found near front doors and are called Bengali as paper-flowers since their texture is akin to that of paper. They look to be shrubs and grow all year round.

Fox brush orchid

Another exceptional flower that can be seen in India. Cat’s-tail Orchids are another name for them. They make wonderful houseplants and garden flowers since they are fragrant and vibrant.



They’re easy to grow flowers that come in a range of colors and can be found all throughout India. They can withstand the heat of India, and their vibrant colors attract butterflies and bees.

Other prominent blossoms, such as roses, dahlias, sunflowers, bougainvillea, and others, can also be found in India’s heartland. With such a large and diversified selection of flowers, one may simply send flowers to India to their loved ones, as there will never be a shortage of our various blossoms.