How to make students more regular to school: tips for teachers and parents

For effective teaching and learning, having students’ regularity and punctuality in the classroom is very important. There are several benefits of being regular in the classes such as

●     Proper academic understanding

●     Help teachers and students to know each other better.

●     Helps students to score well in exams.

●     Foster interpersonal relations among students

●     Helps in quality teaching.

By being irregular to the classes, students not only miss the topics being taught on that particular day but also their further understanding is also affected. This can be disturbing for students and also obstruct successful teaching. Let us discuss some tips that teachers and parents can follow to make students more regular in the classes respectively. 

Tips for teachers

1. Use technology to teach

When students face difficulty in understanding the lessons, they prefer to be absent for further classes. Understanding the applicative and theoretical lessons from the textbooks becomes complex as well as less engaging for students. This can make them irregular in the classes.

To avoid this problem, teachers should not limit their teaching to the classroom. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Also, the learning becomes interesting and engaging for them.

2. Set an attendance criteria

To make your students more regular in classes, set attendance criteria. You can tell your students that meeting the set attendance criteria is compulsory to appear for the exams and get promoted to the next academic session. This will work to make students more sincere and accountable for regularity. By using attendance management software, you can maintain records of students’ everyday attendance easily. Keep a check, see who are frequent absentees, and remind them about their attendance percentage.

3. Give breaks and have extracurricular activities too

Back-to-back academic classes for the whole day make students exhausted. They feel burdened, and tired and become reluctant to come to school the next day. To overcome this problem, make sure to give a break in the class. Even a small break time after a few hours will be enough for students to relax and re-energize themselves. To make students more interested in coming to school, have fun extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, music, art, craft, etc every day.

4. Interact with parents

To ensure students’ regularity in the classes, parents also play an important role. Using an attendance management system, send daily attendance messages to the parents on their respective phone numbers. The students whom you find with short attendance, talk to their parents. Try to know the reasons why their ward is frequently absent. Give them the right advice and help in the best ways possible.

Tips for parents

1. Ensure that your child stays healthy and fit

For being regular to school, proper physical and mental health is important. Students who get sick easily and frequently, face irregularity issues. Make sure your child eats healthy food, stays hydrated, and sleeps timely. This will help the child to be more active, and energetic physically and mentally both.

2. Help them with homework and assignments

Many times, students tend to skip classes because of the completion of the homework. When students are not able to complete the homework, they fear that they might be scolded by the teachers and prefer to be absent. To avoid this happening with your child, help them with the homework. You can provide them with access to a suitable online teaching application to understand well, explore the content and make the assignments timely. Help them to research over educational sites on the internet or in textbooks too.

3. Try to make your child accountable and encourage them

Many students have a chilled attitude towards studies. Also many have wrong behavioral traits, they show tantrums and are reluctant to attend the classes. In such cases, parents should keep encouraging them. Deal with the child with patience and affection.

Try to develop the learning and academic success zeal in them. You can set a reward system. For example, you can tell the child that if he or she will attend school for the whole week, they will get their favorite toy, a food treat, etc. This will surely work to make your child regular at the school.

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For proper academic, social, and behavioral growth of students, maintaining regularity in schools is important. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can make students more regular at the school. We also discussed a few tips that parents can follow in this regard. This will help students to receive a quality education, and enhance the right learning traits.