How Much does Dog Food Cost in the UAE?

If you own a dog and aren’t sure how to deal with the prices or the restricted amount of activities available, we’ve put together a list of things you can do with your dog while staying within your budget. Nothing compares to the thrill of returning home to your dog after a long day at work. Having a dog, on the other hand, is about much more than petting and playing. It necessitates financial contribution as well as accountability.

Dog Food Cost

From the cost of purchasing or transporting the pet into the country to ongoing costs such as vaccines, food supplies, doctor appointments, grooming, and cleaning, owning a pet can put a burden on your finances. On average, UAE residents admit to spending between AED 7,000 and AED 10,000 a year on their dogs. These costs are estimated to be around:

  • Dog food costs AED 300 per month.
  • Every month, spend AED 200 on grooming
  • AED 50 on toys.
  • Veterinary visits (cost depends on the medical condition of the pet)

If you own a dog and aren’t sure how to deal with the prices or the restricted amount of activities available, we’ve put together a list of things you can do with your pet while staying within your budget.

It’s vital to remember that dogs, like humans, require a well-balanced diet. If you feed your dog low-quality food, they are more likely to develop or worsen certain health problems later in life. Purchasing somewhat more expensive meals for your dog is a long-term investment that will pay off. Check out dog wet foods in dubai.


Treat your dog to a spa or grooming centre near you. Give them the gift of a relaxing spa day. Shampooing, blow drying, brushing, ear cleaning, nail cutting, and shaving are all examples of basic grooming.

Resorts for Dogs

Bring your dog to Urban Tails Pet Resort to enjoy the convenience of a resort with professional services. Each pet has its own private suite with a raised couch bed, plasma TVs, air conditioning, play spaces, and swimming pools. There are also webcams to keep an eye on your dog, a pick-up and drop-off facility, and distinct play spaces and activities for pets.


The sweltering weather in Dubai may prevent you from taking a walk with your dog, and a dog prohibition in some residential areas makes matters worse. You can, however, take them to town to see the World’s Largest Indoor Dog Park, which debuted earlier this year. My Second Home is a 60,000-square-foot park with 200 rooms and high-end suites, as well as an indoor and outdoor pool.

Use your preferred Emirates NBD card to get a 10% discount at My Second Home and to convert purchases over AED 1,000 into three-month instalment plans.

Coffee shops:

There are a few pet-friendly restaurants in the region, including The Lime Tree Café and The Irish Village, both of which have outside seating areas. Get a 20% discount on your bill at The Irish Village when you use your Emirates NBD card.

Shopping for Dogs

Little playthings for your dogs are not only a source of comfort and enjoyment for them, but they are also a fantastic source of exercise. You may buy supplies in pet stores or online at websites like,, and

Final Words:

According to statistics, at least 25 dogs are abandoned on UAE streets every day. Do you want to get a dog but don’t know where to start? Adopt a stray puppy. Look into organisations such as K9 Friends and Locanto, which are dedicated to finding homes for stray dogs and cats.