Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE): Ways to prepare for it

What is GATE?

The graduate aptitude test in Engineering or GATE as it is commonly known is considered to be one of the most reputed examinations in the Indian subcontinent for students Aspiring to to be provided with better opportunities when it comes to pursuing higher education. Most students work hard towards tracking this examination as it will help in intensifying their career graph and allow them to be provided with better opportunities in the future.

The following examination in all India based tests that is mainly authorized as well as managed across eight different regions in the nation. The exam is conducted jointly along with the get committee and seven other IITs, on behalf of the government undertaken under the Ministry of Human Resources Development.

Eligibility Conditions of GATE

Eligibility conditions are a significant aspect that will need to be taken into consideration by every candidate who is wishing to appear for the following examination. It is important that every candidate has a minimum bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Technology that will comprise four years of under graduation after 10+2. candidates can also have a bachelor’s or a diploma in Engineering or technology in specified subjects that are mentioned in the GATE notification.

Besides this eligibility criteria candidates are currently in the third year of their Engineering or Technology e course and already on the brink of completing it can also appear for the following examination. Candidates who are belonging to the Social Sciences streamAre required to have completed their Masters in specified subjects for having completed a five years integrated BS-MS program. 

It is important that candidates take into consideration the eligibility conditions from different online course selling website that are available thereby preparing accordingly for this examination. Most online websites have the necessary information that is required to help candidates with information on eligibility conditions.

Pattern of GATE Exam

The pattern of the examination is an important consideration that needs to be provided with better attention by candidates so that they can effectively prepare for the examination. as the following examination has different subject codes present with each subject having a different pattern present.

For most engineering and Technical fields the pattern comprises 13 engineering mathematical questions, Along with 15 general aptitude questions. This is followed by 72 questions which are directly related to the subject of the paper. On the other hand the questions that are associated with the Social Sciences have two parts. In case of the general aptitude there are a total of 15 questions available. The remaining 85 questions are related to the subject of the paper thereby allowing the students to be tested on their knowledge of the subject.

Therefore, the students in all the sections test it on a total of a hundred marks where they are awarded either one mark or two marks for every right answer. However, it is also important to take into consideration that there are also negative marking present which the student needs to be aware of.

It is important that the candidates prepare for this examination and the subsequent papers taking into consideration the pattern on which the questions are asked.

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Preparation for GATE

It is important to highlight that the following examination has a lot of prospects present as there are many public sector undertakings that would directly offer jobs to deserving candidates based on the rank that they secure in the examination. It is because of this reason that many students prepare seriously for the examination by undertaking tuitions from recognised institutions.

Considering the increasing popularity of online education with several platforms to create and sell online courses available on the internet it is now possible for students to prepare for GATE through the help of online education. There are several institutes that are offering better opportunities in the form of cost effective prices two students who are Aspiring to prepare for this examination. When students are provided with the right kind of guidance it will make it possible for them to become successful at cracking this examination.

Therefore, it can be concluded that with the right kind of guidance it will be possible to be successful in cracking the GATE examination and increasing employability prospects.