Fun Games To Play With Teddy Bear This Christmas

Personalized stuffed animals are excellent gifts to wake up to on Christmas, and there are many ways to make them part of your celebrations. Involving these plush toys in the Christmas party games is a great way to make some fun memories with kids. If you are still wondering what games you can play with a cute teddy bear, then worry not because here we come up with some really amusing ideas. Thus, make your Christmas merrier by playing these games with stuffed toys. 

Great Games To Play With Stuffed Animals On Christmas

Hide & Seek

Hide and seek is one of the most popular games every kid loves to play. If kids can hide themselves, then so can the teddy bears! All you have to do is grab all the stuffed animals and hide them. Then, cover the eyes of the kids and tell them to count to 100 as you hide each stuffed animal in uncommon spots of the house. Now, let your kid find all the stuffed animals and ensure to award them at the end of it. 

You can make it more fun and competitive by setting a time limit. Furthermore, you can also turn it into a treasure hunt by hiding the stuffed toys in different places of the house and giving kids some written clues on where to find them. It will really be an interesting way to keep your little ones busy for a good few hours. 

Animal Rescue

This amusing and adventurous game is great for slightly older kids. To play it, you will need two teams. So, call the friends of your kid and also the ones living in the neighborhood to your house to celebrate Christmas. Now, divide them into two teams, and also divide the stuffed toys to have an equal amount per team. 

After the division of the team, place stuffed animals in difficult situations or predicaments from where they need to be rescued. For example, keep the black teddy bear in a tree or in between couch cushions, etc. Then, ask kids to rescue teddy bears stuck in such situations. Each team should rescue an equal amount of stuffed animals. And the first team to rescue maximum or all of its stuffed bears will win the game. This game is a fantastic way to instill the importance of teamwork and social skills in children. 

Musical Chairs

You need only chairs and music to play musical chairs, but the addition of teddy bears to the game will bring more fun. This game is certainly adored by both kids as well as adults. To play with plush toys, you have to set up your party space for musical chairs. Moreover, kids can hold their stuffed animals as they start playing. As per the rules, play the music and stop it at any point. 

In the traditional musical chairs, as the music stops, kids need to sit on a chair to stay in the game. However, when you are playing with stuffed toys, kids must place their teddy bears on the chair instead of sitting by themselves. The player whose animal is left behind without a chair will be out of the round. The game must continue in the same manner, and at the end, we will have a winner whose teddy bear has got the final seat. 

Guess Who!

It’s an interesting game, and your kid is going to absolutely enjoy it. You just need to take all the stuffed animals and keep them in a large bag or big basket. Now, blindfold all the kids and ask them to come to the front one by one and pull out a random animal. Give them one minute to feel the shape of the plush toy and guess what animal it is. You can add more fun to the game by playing it in teams. 

Divide kids into two or three teams and give them brownie points for guessing the name of the stuffed animal right. Additionally, you can also deduct points for every wrong answer, and the team with the maximum points will be the winner. You can give the winning team some Christmas presents or cookies. Besides, it’s quite an entertaining way to evaluate and enhance the knowledge of kids regarding animals. 

Fashion Show

A Christmas fashion show of stuffed animals sounds really fun! Organize a fashion show where kids can display their stuffed teddy bears as models dressed in funny and interesting outfits. Kids love dressing up their toys using their vivid imaginations, and this game will give them ample opportunity to make the most of it. Undeniably, it’s a great activity to let children design or style outfits for their plush buddies. 

From funky hats to shorts, scarves and glasses, there are a number of ways to prep up the stuffed bear for the fashion show. In addition, for more appeal, make a runway in the living room and let kids also walk on the ramp with their adorable, dressed-up stuffed animals. In the end, you can give a prize to the winner whose animal looks the cutest, funniest, and most creative. Furthermore, don’t forget to add multiple winning categories so that everyone can win something. 

Animal Relay

Take your Christmas party outdoors in your garden or backyard with this spirited game. To play this game, divide the players into two teams and have all of them stand behind the starting point. Now, place a pile of stuffed animals about 20 feet away from the starting line. Once you shout ‘go,’ kids must run towards the plush toys and grab one to place it in between their knees. Now, they must start running back to their team without losing or dropping their stuffed animals. 

Once they reach back to their team, they should pass the toy to the next person on the team, who must do the same. The reply race should continue till all the animals are collected, and everyone has finished the race. The first team to finish the race without dropping the stuffed animal will win the game. Besides, give Christmas treats to the winning game to keep their spirits high. 

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In Conclusion

Thus, these were a few fun-filled games that you can play with stuffed toys and amp up your Christmas celebrations. There are a lot of other ways to incorporate those cool soft toys into games. Undoubtedly, these games are sure to give your kids the best Christmas memories that they will cherish forever. So, what are you thinking? Go, get a cute teddy bear for your kid and use it to play interesting games.