Follow These Online Slots Beginner Tips And Get Those Free Spins!


There is a reason why places like Las Vegas and Macau have grown to be the casino empires of the world. Gambling is fun and provides an incredible thrill that not many other activities can give! With the internet becoming a huge part of our lives and as we spend more of our time online, we have also seen the rise of online casinos emerge as well.

Online casinos provide easy access to your favourite casino games, right from your home, and the most common casino game that can be found is Slots. Slots have been a longstanding staple of casinos, and with online variants becoming more popular, you may be considering or even already have played them from your computer. There are plenty of ways that we can increase our chances and our winnings with online slots, and the best way to do that is to get free slots or a bonus with no deposit required. Here, we will go through some ways that we can get free slots so that we have more chances to increase our winnings.

What it all means

If you’ve already started playing online slots, you may have come to the realisation that slots in online casinos play quite a bit differently than your traditional ones. Online slots have their own terminologies and references, which means that there are some terms that you will need to learn and understand before we can go any further. Here is a short list of terms or phrases that are often found used at online casinos, and what it all means.


These are lines that help facilitate the winning combinations across reels. In online slots, there is a wide variation in how many paylines there are at any one point in time. There can be just a few to as many as a hundred paylines, where every individual payline needs a bet. Another term that comes along with this is a ‘Line Bet’ which is how much you want to stake for every payline.

Bet and Bet Max

A bet helps you to select from a couple of options of bet sizes, and bet max refers to choosing to put in the maximum bet through all paylines. 


The concept behind multipliers is that they will multiply your flat winnings. If you have a 2x multiplier, for example, it will double your earnings.


Also known as the payback percentage, this refers to the Theoretical Return to the Player over time. We would want this RTP value to be as high as possible.

Wild and Scatter symbols

A scatter symbol is used to activate additional features, while a wild symbol is used to replace other symbols to get a winning combination. Wild symbols are often fundamental to getting a high payout. 

Free spins

Now that we understand the basic terminology of online casinos, we can then discuss what free spins are and how to get them.

Free spins are used by online casinos as a tool to promote their services and entice players. They can be given out to new users or to reward returning users over time. Online casinos use this in order to give players the impression of a free win. There are a few differences in how they’re used or given out across different online casinos, but the basic principle remains the same. 

You can use these free spins in order to go for another try at online slots, and ‘spinning’ a slot gets you a chance to win big! This is why it’s a great idea to accumulate as many free spins as possible so that you can increase your chances of a big payout without increasing the amount of money that you’re betting. Free spins provide great value for you as a player!

How these free spins are used in practice depends on the online casino, though there are two kinds of free spins. You can either get them from promotions (such as value packs or new registrations) or while you play the game. The free spin would be used in place of a deduction from your balance.

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Best ways to get your free spins 

There are many ways to get your free spins, and here are some of the common ways that you can get them. 

Putting money in

Oftentimes the best method to accrue free spins is to take advantage of the online casino’s ‘Welcome Bonus’ that they offer. These often come in the form of first-time deposit bonuses, where they give you bonus-free spins worth a certain amount. The number of spins you get may also depend on how much you want to put into your first deposit. Do take note that these kinds of free spins often have a form of limitation applied to them, which could either be timed or limited to a maximum amount you can get from your winnings. 

Promotional free spins

During certain times of the year and specific holidays, online casinos may offer promotions in order to entice people during the festive seasons. Oftentimes, the best promotions are offered on the holiday of the origin of the online casino. For example, if the online casino is based in Macau, then the best promotions would likely be given during Chinese New Year or Christmas for western-based online casinos. 

Alternatively, online casinos may also offer bonus rounds that offer multipliers.


Free spins are a great way to increase your earnings, and more often than not you can earn them by doing the things that you’re already doing when you use an online casino. It is very important that you remain careful when trying to take advantage of these to read the fine print and check the conditions attached to these free spins. Sometimes, online casinos may put a cap on how much you can earn from a free spin, or that you will need a minimum winning amount before you can deduct. It is also important that you don’t play beyond your means and gamble responsibly.