Diamond-Inspired Architecture Around the World

Diamond is one of the precious metals that have caught the eyes of modern architects. They have used inspiration from diamonds to create buildings that are truly worthy of admiration. If you regularly travel across the globe, you might have seen some diamond-inspired architecture.

Thus, you can see that it’s not only diamond jewelry that can be a product of this metal. All the architecture made in the shape of diamonds may also interest you. But you might not know where these diamond-inspired architecture are located in the world.

This article will look at the best examples of diamond architecture developed all around the globe. Let’s get started!

  1. Basque Health Department Headquarters

This is one of the significant buildings in Bilbao, Spain. It is also among the diamond-inspired buildings in the country. Its unique shape and enormous size make it stand out. This magnificent building is made from mirrored panes of glass as the primary building material.

Its glass exterior reflects the city of Bilbao from different angles. At night, the mirrored panes of glass become translucent. This is one of the significant features that make it unique. Also, it has a shiny appearance, just like the diamond earrings, and bands people buy for weddings.

  1. Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership

Another diamond-inspired building is located on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. It is a unique sight in Chicago and anyone passing by cannot help but take a second look at it. The building has a great design that provides excellent views of the city’s dynamic nature.

It was designed and built by Krueck+Sexton Architects. One of its most unique features is its angled facets. They help ensure there’s enough daylight in the building. According to the architects, it took 726 pieces of glass to design the front part of it, which provides a great view.

  1. Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Another building that showcases the diamond shape is this museum in Cleveland, Ohio. If you love diamond jewelry, you’ll like the design and shape the architects did for this one. It represents the shapes of the amazing diamonds we buy for proposals and weddings.

The building features a thoughtful design done by architect Farshid Moussavi. It has a hexagonal base that’s robust enough to hold the entire building. The top is square-shaped, and it has six sides. Black stainless steel and glass got used in making this fantastic gem.

  1. Spring Street Salt Shed

We can’t forget to mention this building which hosts the New York City Department of Sanitation. It has a unique design that’s inspired by diamonds. The design was done by Dattner Architects and WXY Architecture + Urban Design. It’s a collaboration that brought out the beauty of New York.

The Department of Sanitation uses this building as a salt storage facility for the winter. It’s estimated that it currently holds about 5,000 tons of salt. It overlooks the Hudson River, and its design looks just like the diamond jewelry that people own and have in their homes.

  1. Le Kinémax

This building also has a diamond-inspired design, but one that looks even more exquisite. It is an entertainment complex that also hosts an IMAX cinema. The Le Kinemax’s location is within the future-themed amusement park Futuroscope located in Poitiers, France.

It first opened its doors in 1987 after being designed by architect Denis Laming. This building gives the amusement park a fantastic look even from far away. Its jagged glass design and shape make it one of the best buildings in Poitiers. You can agree that it looks absolutely futuristic.

  1. Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center

The Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center in China is another unique diamond-inspired building. It has an excellent design that makes it a sight to behold in Shenzhen, China. It was designed by GMP Architekten to host the 2011 Universiade international collegiate athletics competition.

There are peaks and valleys from the exterior that make it look magnificent. Besides being inspired by diamonds, the peaks and valleys are drawn from the landscape surrounding it. The size of the sports center will also impress you. It’s definitely a place you’d want to visit if you’re a diamond lover.

  1. Royal Victoria Dock

This is another social venue that’s made with inspiration from diamonds. It has a great design that makes it stand out among other event arenas in London, England. The Royal Victoria Dock is a brainchild of Perkins+Will and Wilkinson Eyre Architects, who designed it from scratch. 

Besides hosting events, it also is the center for urban sustainability exhibitions. In addition, it hosts the office for manufacturing conglomerate Siemens. It has the BREEAM and LEED certifications, making it one of the most energy-efficient areas in England and the world.

  1. Royal Ontario Museum

We cannot end without mentioning the Royal Ontario Museum. It is also one of the unique diamond-inspired buildings in the world. It is one of the most attractive buildings in Ontario. This is all thanks to the unique design approach taken by architect Daniel Libeskind’s Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

The main entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum was added to it in 2007. The museum has a vast collection of gems and precious metals, including diamonds. That’s the reason its design had to take a diamond shape. It is a jagged structure mainly made from panels of aluminum and glass.

Diamond-Inspired Architecture 

These are examples of the best diamond-inspired architecture worldwide. There’s no doubt that these architectural designs look appealing. It doesn’t matter whether they’re made from real diamonds or not. Just seeing how they resemble diamonds makes them mesmerizing in their own regard.  

But with the direction we’re heading with technology, we might see buildings made from lab-grown diamonds in the future. It might sound like a sci-fi dream right now but you never know what technology can do. 

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These diamonds still have many applications, some that humans haven’t explored yet. Many people, however, only know that diamonds are used in wedding rings and other jewelry. You can, however, prepare to see many other applications of diamonds in various industries, including architecture and engineering.

The buildings we’ve discussed are definitely worth visiting if you’re a fan of diamonds. They’re both very interesting and mesmerizing at the same time. 

You’ll be able to see that they have a lot of resemblance to the diamond studs and jewelry people wear. Besides, you’ll also be able to appreciate the artistry put into designing them and why they stand out in their respective cities.