Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022

Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022 provides information on current cyber threats and cyber-attacks. As we know that hackers are more active nowadays. With more and more use of technology in recent times, cybercrime is also increasing. To protect business, personal information and many more things, knowledge of cyber security are important. Let’s read the information on the cyber awareness challenge 2022.

Details on Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022

An event that is a global hit known as the Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022 occurs every two years to bring people around the world aware of the importance of security. The goal is to raise awareness and motivate people around the globe to take action to safeguard themselves and their loved ones from cyber-attacks.

Participants in the Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022

A quiz online was created to take part in a cyber awareness challenge in 2022. The purpose of the quiz is to raise awareness of the importance of security online. After you take the test, you are more informed of what you are good at and your cybersecurity weaknesses.

The primary objectives for the Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022

Cyber Awareness Challenge Cyber Awareness Challenge was initiated in October 2020 by the Department of Defense, the United States of America to ensure your security in their nation. The goal was also to make all over the world more aware of cybersecurity they can.

The aim is to inform people online about cyberattacks and share information about how to secure information systems via alliances. This will help build a solid online security system in which individuals can develop their methods to identify and react to cyber-attacks immediately.

In today’s digital world, protection from cyber-attacks is essential for countries, families, and even the entire world.

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Top 5 Results of the Global 2022 Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report

The closing of the cybersecurity skills gap is a topic that has been a hot topic for a couple of many years now, as many companies report that their cybersecurity skills are declining. Based on (ISC) 2’s 2021 Cyber Workforce Report The global cybersecurity workforce must grow by 65% to protect companies’ most valuable assets. Although the number of cybersecurity professionals required to fill this gap has declined from 3.12 million to 2.72 million over the last year, it is an enormous gap that leaves companies in danger.

There’s a lot to learn from the gap in skills. The day before released the 2022 Cybersecurity Skills Gap Global Research Report that examines the effect the skill gap has on companies across the globe. The survey’s findings show that five main topics have been identified:

  • Cybersecurity is a concern for every company.
  • Retention and recruitment of talent can be major issues.
  • Companies are seeking individuals with a valid certifications.
  • The companies are in search of more diverse workforces.
  • Instilling cybersecurity awareness is an important issue.

The way Cybersecurity along with the Skills Gap Affect Every Organization

An astounding 80% of businesses experienced at the very most one breach over the past 12 months, which could be attributed to the lack of cybersecurity expertise or cyber awareness challenge 2022. Around 20% experienced more than five incidents.

If that wasn’t enough as it was, 64% of companies suffered breaches that led to the loss of revenue or penalties. Of these companies, 38% had reported incidents that cost over 1 million dollars (USD ).

How is the Skills Gap Creating Cyber Risk?

According to the survey participants, one of the major factors that contribute to the breaches is the fact that companies struggle to locate and keep cybersecurity experts who are certified. Sixty-seven percent of global leader respondents believe that the skill shortage increases the cyber risk for their company.

Retention and Recruitment are the Key Problems that Cause the Skills Gap

Companies must cybersecurity experts with experience today more than ever before This is the reason 76% of companies say that their boards of directors are now recommending the addition of cybersecurity and IT headcounts.

Many would think that hiring more employees could be the solution to this issue; but, 60% of businesses said they have difficulty attracting cybersecurity experts, while 52% are struggling to keep it.

Another cyber awareness challenge 2022 in recruitment is that companies need to find people to fill much different security and IT-specific roles and specializations in the field of network. Cloud Security specialists and Security Operations (SOC) analysts are one of the most sought-after positions in cybersecurity, followed by architects and security administrators.

But, companies aren’t seeking to increase the number of employees randomly. They’re trying to build teams of skilled talent that can manage an ever-growing threat environment.