Best OKR Tools and software for startups

Here in this article, you can find the top and best OKR tools and software for startups which can help the company to achieve their goals and track the processes at each level like the organizational, team as well as at individual levels.  

1. Profit. Co

Profit. Co OKR tool is best useful for startups as it is very personalized and not only focuses on tasks but also on people’s engagement in the workplace. It has an integrated dashboard that simply shows the employee’s engagement with work. The main aim of this tool is to make easier the path of achieving goals by focusing the work or task in the quarterly cycle and breaking it down in plan-execute-engage-learn format. This format does not only help in the successful completion of tasks but is also used for avoiding the same mistakes as a learning part included in the format.  In its dashboard, it has a “top-performing” section that can help the employees to choose or select their tasks for certain projects. 

2. is the fantastic software used by startups that helps organizational managers and employees to focus, motivate, and engage with the key objectives and results of the company. The main focus area of this software is to save you time planning, and meetings which you will prepare or scheduled for projects. Instead, it will focus more on the discussions and progress of the company. This software can be enabled for the teams, managers, and every individual to connect with a focus for getting desired results. Everyone in the company can see the essential goals and progress in the work for business.

3. Weekdone

The next best OKR software for startups is all about Weekdone which helps you in tracking all your work goals and reporting the status. It provides feedback on particular tasks f team members, tracks weekly progress, and works seamlessly with the team. Weekdone gives the best deal for startups who want to start their small business by having optimized objectives as much as possible. It also tracks every individual performance in the company. 

4. Kazoo

To support your Objectives and key results in the company Kazzo helps in interpreting the data and text. It also provides real-time regular checks and updates the employee’s work. Kazoo is the bet in OKR for startups due to its open API. The open API is an intermediate that allows the two or more software to connect and interact with each other. Kazoo offers rewards and recognition as part of their application which can give credit to employees who perform well in the work. 

5. 7Geese

7Geese is the management platform that performs well for helping the OKR progress and goal-setting, feedback, and reviews the development plans. The main key features of this best OKR tool and software for startups are that it delivers measurable results for better accountability and provides data-driven views for best employee engagement at the workplace. This platform helps in increasing the better quality of employee service to the company. It provides the survey for helping you to create share your survey with your employees to boost their experience and give feedback on their work. 

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From above all tools and software, you can choose your best OKR tool and software for startups that helps you in the growth of your business.