9 Traditional-Style Home Decor Ideas That are Still Trendy

As a society, our ideas on what is trendy are ever-changing. This is true of music, art, clothing, and yes, interior design.

Sometimes, though, there is a traditional style that is so timeless that it never goes out of style.

We’re about to share with you nine different traditional-style home decor ideas that are still trendy today and will most likely always be.

1. Symmetrical Furniture

Traditional placement of furniture has always been in a symmetrical pattern. This always looks and feels more comforting to live with.

For example, offsetting your couch with one solo armchair will look and feel odd. Instead, the traditional style would place one armchair on each side of the couch, facing each other. You can also accentuate your chairs with chair covers.

This would not only be symmetrical but would create a conversational setting for those sitting. They could look each other in the eye and easily engage with those sitting on the couch as well.

The same goes for the bedroom placement. One bedside table should be on either side of the bed, matching and balancing the room. 

This is traditional home decor that won’t ever go out of style because it just makes sense.

2. Neutral Colors

When it comes to colors, paint companies will always have a color of the year. This color may be popular but the most purchased paint colors will always be neutral colors. 

If you skim through the colors in this article listing the most popular paint colors, you’ll notice that the bulk of them are neutral colors. 

Why are neutral colors so widely used? It’s simple; neutrals go with everything!

A calming neutral color on your walls gives you the freedom to use whatever color palette you want, whenever you want. 

3. Area Rugs

When it comes to one essential piece of decor to raise the comfort levels of your home exponentially, your best bet is an area rug. 

Area rugs are more than just traditional, they are historical. In fact, there have been archeological findings of area rugs that are thousands of years old. 

Rug shopping can be daunting, especially if you want to find a nice luxurious rug to fit your home perfectly. Lawrence of LaBrea has a great article on how to do this. 

4. Metal Finishes

Brass, copper, gold, and antique silver accents in a home give it a warm yet fancy feel.

A bronze faucet in the bathroom or a silver chandelier in the dining room can be just the finishing touches you need to transform your home into something more stylish.

You can even add metal accents to your walls with metal fabricated artwork or go big with all metal furniture. 

5. Statement Lighting

Speaking of chandeliers, another tradition in home decor that won’t ever stop looking fabulous is the addition of statement lighting. 

Aside from the boring dome lighting, an awe-inspiring source of light is much more than just functional. These lighting options are like pieces of art that shine upon your home.

Traditional ornate lighting such as wall sconces, chandeliers, or pendant lights come in many different varieties. Check out what Houzz considers is the best traditional lighting fixtures here

6. Hardwood Flooring

When homeowners discover that their new home will have hardwood flooring, they are always delighted.

Not only do hardwood floors look beautiful but they are low maintenance and easy to clean, durable, and great for kids or pets since they are hypoallergenic. 

Hardwood floors may be harder on your feet but employ the third point of this article of a beautiful area rug to your trendy home and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Hardwood floors can come in a variety of shades. Darker woods such as mahogany and walnut can bring warmth to your home, while lighter woods like pine freshen up your space. 

7. Crown Molding

Many contractors and real estate agents will tell you that one thing you can do to improve the look and value of your home is to install crown molding. 

It’s amazing the difference changing up the simple 90-degree angle where the wall meets ceiling and floor can do for a room.

This extra trim will never go out of style. It’s the special touches that you make to your home that often make the biggest effect on the home.

Some people might think of crown molding as too ornate but they can be as simple or as fancy as you make it. They come in different materials and colors too. 

Learn more about crown molding and what to consider before you install it in your home here. 

8. House Plants

Nature never goes out of style, right? So bringing some of nature into your home will always be on-trend.

Sometimes the types of houseplants that are trending can change. For example, when the Boho style blew up, cacti were trending.

Lately, indoor herb gardens have been a smarter way to use greenery in the home. These plants not only bring life into the home but they can also be used to nourish your body!

Of course, when it comes to traditional house plants, some are easier to care for than others. If you don’t consider yourself the proud owner of a green thumb, you will appreciate this list of hard-to-kill houseplants. 

9. Oversized Mirrors

Mirrors are another home decor item that has been steadily used in the latest style. Small mirrors can be used to accent a small area but if you really want to make an impression, oversized mirrors are the thing.

You can hang one behind your dining room table, in your entrance, or above your couch. These big mirrors will make any room look much bigger since they create the illusion of more space by reflecting the space that is already there. 

One aspect of oversized mirrors that might go out of style is the type of frame you choose. Try to stick with a classic frame such as a traditional gold or silver frame or a beveled wooden frame.

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These nine traditional home decor ideas will work in any home. They can all be modified to suit your chosen style with a traditional twist.

The best thing about opting to include any of these nine home decor ideas is that you can rest easy, knowing that you won’t need to be redecorating any time soon!