550m Tiger Global 2b Leereuters Tiger Global Management Funded 550M on Kajabi which makes its Valuation to 1B Lee from Reuters explained

Recently news about Tiger Global management came about its new investment. Tiger Global Management funded 550 Million to the new startup Kajabi. This investment made the valuation of Kajabi 1 Billion. This news was first published by Lee from Reuters. We can also tell this 550m Tiger Global 2b Leereuters in short form. We will explain this story and these two business firms in this article.

About 500M deal of Tiger Global and Kajabi

The deal was done in May 2021. The rapid growth of online service industries after Corona pendemic has attracted many investors to invest in Saas platforms. Other investors in this deal were TPG Capital, Owl Rock Capital, Tidemark ad Meritech Capital. Till 2019, Kajabi was a single investor in its firm. Kajabi was started in 2010 by Kenny Reuter.

Kajabi empowers members of the knowledge economy to transform their passions and interests into monetized digital experiences. From personal development, health & fitness, business finance, and marketing – Kajabi provides a comprehensive platform that helps create engaging online courses, membership communities, and podcasts while also providing reliable payment processing solutions for subscription fees.

Kajabi has a headquarter in Irvine California. It has more than 50000 active users in around 120 countries. Let’s check the business profiles of all five investors of the Kajabi and Tiger Global deal.

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Tiger Global Management

Tiger Global Management is an investment management company with a team of experienced professionals. Founded in 2001, the company focuses on strategic investments across technology, media, internet, and consumer businesses worldwide.

They have approximately thirty funds with offices located across New York, Seattle, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Tiger Global has been widely noted for its expertise in investing heavily in first-time start up companies.

Besides being well known for their extensive investments in tech-based start-ups, they are also experienced in helping these companies scale up and achieve success over a relatively short period of time.

With their help and guidance, many new investors have been able to find a place in competitive markets that would have been difficult to enter without Tiger Global’s assistance.

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TPG Capital

TPG Capital is an experienced private equity firm with a successful track record spanning over 30 years. Founded in 1992, TPG Capital has invested in numerous industries and continues to seek out profitable opportunities through its global network of over 190 professionals across 18 countries.

They are focused on deploying their capital responsibly and collaborating with management teams to achieve long-term financial success and value creation which benefits all stakeholders.

With their extensive market insights, deep sector knowledge, creative solutions, and global reach of resources, TPG Capital has become a trusted partner for many companies looking to unlock potential across sectors.

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Owl Rock Capital

Owl Rock Capital is an alternative credit investment firm focused on providing capital solutions to mid-market companies across the globe.

Founded in 2016, Owl Rock has established itself as a leader within the industry with its experienced leadership team and its extensive network of institutional investors. As a result, Owl Rock’s unique approach to leveraging debt and equity capital has enabled them to provide compelling financing structures to their clients, making it easier for companies to quickly access funds and grow their business at a lower cost of capital.

With offices located across the United States and Europe, Owl Rock’s global reach and vast resources make them well placed to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the world market.


Tidemark is a leading private equity firm that has developed a valuable track record of delivering excellent returns for its investors through investments in many different industries.

With over 70 years of collective experience in the finance and investment field, it can provide skilled and specialised resources to help grow businesses of all sizes.

The team at Tidemark understands that a successful equity story is one that goes beyond financial metrics and focuses on creating value for the companies, employees, customers, and communities involved. Through their knowledge, strategic vision, and capital injection they seek to identify actionable opportunities and leverage them to create lasting impact.

Meritech Capital Partners

Meritech Capital Partners is a leading late-stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. They have invested in some of the world’s most influential brands and technologies, from eBay to Facebook.

Their experience spans across sectors such as healthcare, mobile, cloud computing and enterprise software, among others.

For over two decades, their expertise and reputation have enabled them to actively pursue opportunities where they can add strategic value for entrepreneurs and their companies. Meritech leverages an expansive network of advisors and strategic relationships to help guide portfolio companies into successful exits.

As one of the top venture capital firms operating today, Meritech is committed to working with promising startup founders towards long-term success.

Arun Agarwal, Managing Director of TPG described the knowledge economy’s market size as “astronomical,” pointing to its rapid growth in recent years and a surge in entrepreneurs offering digital how-to courses. He believes there is still much untapped potential for interested investors, expressing he thought it was “only early innings” when considering just what this field could achieve.